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View from the Chairside – The Unforgiving Smile, Nowhere to Hide

The restoration of either teeth or implants could be difficult or easy, depending on a multiplicity of clinical findings. This complex case illustrates the restoration of both teeth and implants and where nothing was easy.

With an unforgiving smile, where no compromise in appearance could be hidden nor camouflaged, this case tested my abilities as a clinician because it required the use of my entire repertoire of skills and knowledge. I was fortunate the patient was infinitely cooperative and had little in demands, other than fix my teeth and fix them properly.

The patient and I are eternally grateful for the skills and artistry of the late Dennis DeMarchi, RDT.  I have worked with Dennis and his lab Prism Dental Ceramics for some 18 years. I spoke with Dennis just about every working day of those 18 years. As with my first lab technician Gabe Pintos, we developed an endearing professional friendship based on humility,  honesty and commitment to excellence. The photographic history presented here, bears witness to this claim.

Dennis succumbed to lymphoma on May 15, 2020. His absence is ever-present throughout my days in the practice when I see the crowns and bridges we collaborated to produce. They continue to service without issue in the dentitions of my patients.
I miss you dear friend.
Dr. Paul Belzycki

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Full Conversation (1.10.00")

In Memory of Dennis DeMarchi (9.06")


  1. Gabriel Pintos August 17, 2020

    Working for Dr Belzycki ….At the bench there was never an average day…everyday was like… do it or die…crazy…it had to be perfect.

  2. Steve DeMarchi August 19, 2020

    Dennis was an amazing guy! So much talent with his dental lab and his music. He could play any instrument. Unreal. Also his engineering skills in a recording studio. He was a natural.

    I remember this case. I drove my brother to Dr. Belzyck’s office a few times. I waited out in the truck for him. Sometimes for an hour or 2. I remember the phone calls regarding this case too, as I chauffeured my brother around the city.

    The collaboration resulted in a wonderful smile! That is an incredible tribute to my brother.

  3. Joel Crosby August 29, 2020

    Un-retracted close-up of the final would be nice.

  4. Dr. Paul Belzycki September 1, 2020

    Note that this case was inserted right in the midst of the COVID pandemic. I Did not have full complement of staff. I have cropped the smile from the photograph in the presentation and enlarged it. Sorry for the quality….Best I could do on short notice.


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