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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2020/06/17

CAMH survey shows pandemic affecting mental health, but anxiety levels may be easing. cbc.ca, June 17: Findings from a new survey by Toronto's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) indicate the pandemic has had a significant impact on the mental health of Canadians. Read more

P.E.I. puts up $2.4M for doctors to cover office closures. cbc.ca, June 17: The P.E.I. government has announced a new fund that the opposition Liberals are calling CERB for doctors. The $2.4 million fund is designed to compensate fee-for-service doctors whose offices were shut down during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Canada- U.S. border to remain closed to non-essential travel until July 21. cbc.ca, June 16: Canada is now allowing some immediate family members to reunite. Read more

Ontario will not make it mandatory to wear masks or face coverings. toronto.ctvnews.ca, June 16: The premier went on to say that while his government thinks wearing face coverings is “critical”, policing 14.5 million people would be “very, very difficult.” Read more

We have flattened the curve, now what? thebusinesscouncil.ca, June 15 [OPINION]: Canadians should now be looking to restart their lives and get back to work. However, many lack the confidence needed to return to school, to work and to running our businesses. Read more

More than a quarter of Canadians at higher risk of severe COVID-19 illness: study. ctvnews.ca, June 15: ...While the data suggests that illness would likely be mild for most with underlying health conditions, it also suggests that in the absence of a vaccine and containment measures, the burden on hospitals could worsen. Read more

Study explores online misinformation around immune boosting and COVID-19. news.umanitoba.ca, June 15: ...immune boosting is a form of misinformation that was popular even before COVID-19 and the researchers noticed a big uptake when performing a trend analysis. The team decided to conduct a small case study to get a sense of how misinformation spreads, who is spreading it and how it is being framed. Read more

Coronavirus: Dexamethasone being used to treat NHS patients today. bbc.com, June 17: A life-saving treatment for seriously ill hospital patients with Covid-19 is being used across the UK from today, following breakthrough results in a UK trial. Read more

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). who.int, June 16: Situation report - 148. Read more

Coronavirus: What's happening around the world on Wednesday. cbc.ca, June 17: More than 60% of commercial flights to and from Beijing cancelled after new outbreak. WHO moves to update guidelines on treating people stricken with COVID-19 after clinical trial shows a steroid can help save critically ill patients. India, with the fourth-highest caseload after the U.S., Brazil and Russia, adds more than 2,000 deaths to its tally. Russia reports 7,843 new cases of the novel coronavirus, its lowest daily caseload registered since April 30. Read more

Study: 22 percent of people worldwide at risk of serious illness from COVID-19 if infected. About 1.7 billion people have at least one underlying health condition that puts them at increased risk for serious COVID-19 illness if infected, according to a study published this week in the Lancet medical journal. Read more

Vaccine heroes? COVID-19 pitfalls, pricing put pharma on the spot. fiercepharma.com, June 16: The halo from pharma’s rapid response in research and discovery…has propelled the industry’s reputation at an all-time high. Read more

Dr. Fauci says normalcy may not return until next year following Covid-19 case spikes. edition.cnn.com, June 15: A return to normalcy following the Covid-19 pandemic could come within a year, but people need to tamp down their expectations for typical summer travel and activities. Read more

FDA revokes emergency use of hydroxychloroquine. cnbc.com, June 15: The Food and Drug Administration said it is ending its emergency use authorization for chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. Read more

Fast COVID-19 vaccine timelines are unrealistic and put the integrity of scientists at risk. Theconversation.com, June 15: It typically takes a minimum of 10 years for a vaccine to complete the three consecutive phases of the clinical research pipeline…What are the chances that this can be reduced to 12 months? Read more

An Army of Volunteers Is Taking On Vaccine Disinformation Online. wired.com, June 15: Anti-vaccine messages on social media have tripled since the pandemic began. One public health group wants to teach pro-vaccine Americans to fight fire with fire. Read more

Anti-vaccine groups threatening fight against COVID-19. ca.sports.yahoo.com, June 16: …while the world is waiting for a vaccine, there is a growing number of people who oppose what may be one of the only ways to counter the virus. Read more

Rise in infections shows need for vigilance as world reopens. ctvnews.ca, June 15: European countries reopened borders Monday after a three-month coronavirus shutdown, although international visitors are still being kept away and there was uncertainty over whether many Europeans will quickly embrace travel outside their home countries. Read more

Self-screening technology for COVID-19 symptoms available as open source code. medicalxpress.com, June 15: Employers across the country can advance reopening efforts with technology developed…to check employees for potential COVID-19 symptoms before they report to work each day. Read more

Small employers paying too much for benefits during outbreak: advisor. hrreporter.com, June 15: Despite health services such as dentist and paramedical practitioners being closed for months, small companies continue to pay benefit premiums and that’s wrong, according to a benefits advisor. Read more

Province has 'moral obligation' to ban flavoured vaping products, say some Alberta doctors. dailyheraldtribune.com, June 13: Vaping poses too high a health risk for youth, says a group of Alberta doctors calling on the provincial government to ban flavoured vaping products and limit their nicotine concentration. Read more

Rise in opioid deaths serve as reminder COVID-19 isn't Canada's only health crisis. cbc.ca, June 14: Public health agencies push federal government for pharmaceutical alternative to street drugs. Read more

FDA Approves HPV Vaccine Gardasil As Throat Cancer Prevention. forbes.com, June 17: The HPV vaccine (Gardasil 9) has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for males and females ages 9 to 45 years to prevent HPV-related genital tract and anogenital infections and cancers for several years. Read more

Could the cure for IBD be inside your mouth? medicalxpress.com, June 16: While many people put off their regular trips to the dentist, recent research has shown that the consequences of doing so may go beyond cavities and root canals. From heart disease to diabetes, poor oral health is often a reflection of a person's overall health and may even be the cause of systemic disease. Read more

Why a pandemic response should include dentistry. sydney.edu.au, June 15: As a frontline health service, dentistry is well-placed to triage patients - during a pandemic or otherwise. Adequate government funding could ensure this in the future, say dental practice and policy experts. Read more

Stuck at home, the world is consuming less sugar. bnnbloomberg.ca, June 14: The global closure of restaurants, sports arenas and cinemas means sugar demand will drop this season for the first time in four decades. Read more

Will coronavirus pandemic change Big Pharma's long-term focus? dw.com, June 15: Many leading pharmaceutical companies have focused on developing cancer medication. A fresh study by EY looks at whether some may find virus research an even more lucrative business model in the future. Read more

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