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The Lancet Oral Health Series with Dr. Paul Allison


The Lancet is a prestigious medical journal grounded in two, key values: medicine is here to serve society; and knowledge is here to transform society.

Recently, The Lancet released its Oral Health Series and today, Dr. John O’Keefe speaks with series contributor and Canadian representative, Dr. Paul Allison, about the purpose and importance of this series and how it could change how oral healthcare is delivered.  

During this Oasis conversation, Dr. Paul Allison talks about: 

  • The importance of discussing and disseminating information about oral health, healthcare, and oral diseases around the world.
  • Key messages for dentists and dental health professionals.
  • Sharing knowledge and building connections with general health professionals outside the oral health field.
  • The prevalence and impact of dental decay and gum disease–now among the most common diseases globally.
  • Understanding social determinants of health and the disproportionate burden of disease placed on poorer individuals and communities.
  • Profound global impact of free sugars consumption, smoking and tobacco, and alcohol consumption on oral health.
  • Determinants of health and regulating marketing investments by soft drink and tobacco companies.
  • Advocating for the inclusion of dentistry and oral healthcare within the broader Universal Health Care and policy conversations.
  • Reconceptualising oral healthcare delivery in Canada to include dental services.


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Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)

Oasis Moment/Preview (1.10″)

Full Conversation (13.57″)



  1. Nathan Polty August 30, 2019

    Thank you for this piece.

    I am concerned that my government does not have any plans and concrete policy for oral Health.

    No oral health management system, no data, no support structure etc.
    I am a ORAL Health Public Health Officer in the public service and I want to make some differences but I am always hiring a brick wall in my efforts.

    Information is flooding our world now a days but help is never forthcoming for such unfortunate communities like mine.

    The government is now in the process of developing social services, and but oral health is not a priority. Why does this occur? Though there is little knowledge that Oral Health contribute to General Health and wellbeing, I am yet to see why our leaders in this part of the world cannot see dentistry as important compared to other health sectors, for example, Medical.


  2. Shiamaa Almashhadani August 31, 2019

    I agree with the written conversation, I am a team member of the new oral health strategy for the Dental services , Dubai health Authority . The basis of our strategy focuses on oral systemic link and advocating oral health to general health providers . It also is seeking a practical solution to include oral health within mandatory health insurance packages at least for 0-12 years old children , would love to know how you are tackling this .

    Kind regards
    Dr Shiamaa Almashhadani


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