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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2019/06/19

Canadian Dentistry News

Meet Peter Nkansah: Raptor’s Dentist and (U of T alumnus and faculty member). dentistry.utoronto.ca: He’s a U of T alumnus with a specialty in Dental Anaesthesia, a part-time Clinical Associate at the Faculty of Dentistry and full-time dentist with his own specialty practice. But Dr. Nkansah is one other (little) thing: dentist to the NBA’s Toronto Raptors… and a friend to the Curry’s…. Read more

Dentistry Awarded Two Canada Research Chairs. mcgill.ca: Dr. McKee and Dr. Martel received Canada Research Chair grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Read more

Une meilleure santé buccale dans les CHSLD du CIUSSS de l’Estrie. latribune.ca: Le CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS prépare actuellement le déploiement de son nouveau programme de soins buccodentaires pour les aînés résidant en CHSLD. Lire plus

Des blanchiments de dents potentiellement dangereux. tvanouvelles.ca: En attendant que le blanchiment des dents soit un acte réservé aux dentistes et délégué aux hygiénistes, les professionnels de la santé dentaire tiennent à prévenir la population des possibles dangers des blanchiments offerts dans les cliniques d’esthétique. Lire plus

Gov’t program helping the disabled violates Charter of Rights and Freedoms, group says. cbc.ca: … The autism society wants the program to open itself up for all disabilities, and wants the territory’s health department to address the “gap” in health-care insurance for low-income residents. McKee said the Northwest Territories falls short because low-income residents can’t access dental and vision care, and can’t afford some prescription drugs. Read more

La Faculté célèbre ses diplômées et diplômés 2019. medent.umontreal.ca: La cohorte D.M.D. 2014-2019 comportait 81 nouveaux dentistes. Dix-huit finissants des cycles supérieurs provenant de l’une ou l’autre des spécialités de la médecine dentaire offertes à la Faculté ont également reçu leur diplôme. Lire plus

International Dentistry News

ADA responds to article from The Atlantic. ada.org: “The American Dental Association and dentists across the country are dedicated to the health and safety of the patients they serve.” That was the message ADA President Jeffrey M. Cole emphasized in a June 16 letter to the editor of The Atlantic, in response to the magazine’s May article, “The Trouble With Dentistry.” Read more

School of Dentistry awarded $22.4M to continue national research leadership efforts. uab.edu: The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry has been awarded a seven-year, $22.4 million grant from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, part of the National Institutes of Health, to continue a national dental practice-based research network designed to improve the nation’s oral health. Read more

$20 million in state funding marks milestone for Texas Tech dental school in El Paso. elpasotimes.com: Of the 2,400 dentists who have graduated from a Texas dental school in the past decade, only 22 opened a practice in El Paso, a Texas Tech University official said. Texas Tech is looking to change these statistics with the opening of the Woody L. Hunt School of Dental Medicine in El Paso in 2021. Read more

MP calls NHS summit on Portsmouth dentist closures. bbc.com: An MP has called NHS bosses to parliament after the closure of three dental surgeries left thousands of people in Portsmouth without a dentist. Read more

This Startup Is Bringing The Dentist To Your Office. forbes.com: Since launching its mobile dental fleet in 2017, Henry has expanded to four states and partnered with more than 70 companies. Read more

New York State Senate Bill 6477 Will Limit Access to Dental Care. americanteledentistry.org: The New York State Senate will hear Bill 6477 “Orthodontic tele-dentistry consumer protection act” this week.  This bill will not just limit teleorthodontics but all of teledentistry. It is not based on evidence and is a clear attempt by organized dentistry in the State to restrict trade. The American Teledentistry Association is opposed to this bill. Read more

Braces won’t always bring happiness. adelaide.edu.au: Research undertaken at the University of Adelaide overturns the belief that turning your crooked teeth into a beautiful smile will automatically boost your self-confidence. Read more

Role of Oral Health Growing In Overall Healthcare Picture. memphismedicalnews.com: The role dental health plays in a patient’s overall health traditionally has been overlooked by many in the healthcare field, but this situation has begun to change with the success of collaborations between primary care physicians and dentists. Read more

Will County veterans get funding for expanded dental care. theherald-news.com: Bertino-Tarrant said she fought for this funding to go toward dental services and a vehicle furnished with a lift to increase mobility for veterans with disabilities, according to a news release from her office. Read more

Boston Bruins and Forsyth Institute partner to provide mouthguards for high school athletes. eurekalert.org: The Boston Bruins Hockey team has partnered with the Forsyth Institute to provide custom mouthguards to student athletes at Lynn Classical High School for the spring sports season. … Student athletes will receive a custom-made mouthguard each calendar year at no charge to them, their parents, or the school. Read more

Brits blame hectic schedules for being unable to brush their teeth. dentistry.co.uk: British adults don’t have time to brush their teeth twice a day, a survey from the Oral Health Foundation shows. Read more

IADR/AADR Now Seeking JDR Editor-in-Chief Applications. iadr.org: The International Association for Dental Research and American Association for Dental Research (IADR/AADR) are seeking an Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Dental Research (JDR) to serve a potentially renewable five-year term starting in April, 2020. Read more

Clinical & Scientific News

Poor oral health linked to a 75% increase in liver cancer risk, new study finds. medicalxpress.com: Whilst no significant associations were observed on the risk of the majority gastrointestinal cancers and poor oral health, a substantial link was found for hepatobiliary cancer. Read more

The transition from amalgam to other restorative materials in the U.S. predoctoral pediatric dentistry clinics. onlinelibrary.wiley.com: This study investigated the current teaching of different dental materials for use in posterior teeth in the United States predoctoral pediatric dentistry programs. Read more

Characteristics of Canadians likely to try or increase cannabis use following legalization for nonmedical purposes: a cross-sectional study. cmajopen.ca: The Government of Canada legalized nonmedical use of cannabis in October 2018. Our objectives were to determine the percentage of Canadians intending to try or increase their cannabis use following legalization and to explore characteristics associated with this intent. Read more

Frenectomy Techniques for Infants with Tongue and Lip Tie: Clinical Effectiveness. cadth.ca: CADTH Rapid Response – Summary of abstracts. Read more

Smaller Quantity Opioid Prescribing for Acute Pain: Clinical Effectiveness and Guidelines. cadth.ca: CADTH Rapid Response — Reference List. Read more

Root Canal Therapy Performed by Endodontists Versus General Dentists for Persons with Failed Vital Pulp Therapy: Comparative Clinical Effectiveness. cadth: Rapid Response — Reference List. Read more

Cannabis toothpaste invented by dentist who wants to end drug stigma. dailystar.co.uk: Doctor Veronica Stahl, a dentist from Mortsel in Belgium, says cannabis is antibacterial and fights dental plaque. And the painkilling effect of the toothpaste – called Cannabite Lifelong – could alleviate toothache and even treat pain from root canal surgery. Read more

Denture adhesives guidelines. dentalhealth.org: Research shows that around the world there are almost no guidelines on the proper use of denture adhesives by people who wear full dentures. Therefore, we have developed guidelines to guide dental health care professionals, caregivers and patients on the optimal use of denture adhesive creams. Read more

In the face of slow progress, WHO offers a new tool and sets a target to accelerate action against antimicrobial resistance. who.int: The AWaRe tool was developed by the WHO Essential Medicines List to contain rising resistance and make antibiotic use safer and more effective. Read more

Mind Your Business

Starting Off Right as a New Associate. cdspi.com: Whether you’ve landed your first position out of dental school, or you’re still looking, it’s important to keep your insurance needs top of mind. Read more and watch

Patient Information

Brush your teeth jingle catchier than ‘baby shark’? mygc.com.au: It’s a fun little jingle about brushing your teeth, and trust us – it’ll stick in your head. Queensland Health has released the song, in an attempt to get children more excited about brushing their teeth. Read more and listen

Your Health & Medical News

Antimicrobial resistance “future global health crisis” reports Canada’s Public Health Officer, CMA releases new policy on AMR. cma.ca: Antibiotics, once considered a miracle of modern medicine, could be contributing to a future global health crisis. That’s one of the messages in a recent report from the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Handle with Care: Preserving Antibiotics Now and Into the Future. Read more

CMA welcomes new report on pharmacare as step forward for universal care. cma.ca: In a July 2018 e-Panel survey, members of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) were asked to pick one of three options for a national prescription drug program. 57% choose a single, national, public pharmacare plan operated by the federal government and funded by federal taxes. Less than one year later, the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare has released its final report Opens in a new window with virtually the same recommendation. Read more

‘An important step’: Highlights from the report on national pharmacare and reaction, by the numbers. nationalpost.com: An advisory council appointed by the Liberal government recommended […] that Canada should create a universal, single-payer pharmacare plan that would reduce prescription drug costs for patients and their employers, but would cost the government an extra $15 billion annually. Read more

Single-payer pharmacare could reduce patient access to drugs, say insurers. timescolonist.com: … The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association said Wednesday that millions of people could risk losing access to certain drugs under even the most comprehensive government-run pharmacare plan. Read more and read CLHIA’s press release

Industry responds to expert panel’s pharmacare report. benefitscanada.ca: Industry groups had mixed feelings about an expert panel’s report calling for a single-payer pharmacare plan. Read more

Why we may not get public pharmacare any time soon. tvo.org: ANALYSIS: A committee headed by a prominent Ontario Liberal has recommended that Ottawa move ahead with full public pharmacare. But that can’t happen before the next election — and, after October, provinces may stand in the way. Read more

Jagmeet Singh rolls out promise-heavy NDP platform for fall federal election. theglobeandmail.com: New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh unveiled an election platform Sunday long on traditional left-wing promises – including a national $10-billion-per-year pharmacare program, and higher taxes for corporations and the wealthy. … The NDP would follow that with national coverage for dental, vision, hearing and mental health-care costs, currently offered to Canadians in varying degrees by their employers. Read more

Le NPD promet un régime d’assurance médicaments universel. ici.radio-canada.ca: Le chef du Nouveau Parti démocratique (NPD) du Canada, Jagmeet Singh, a dévoilé la plateforme électorale du parti pour les élections fédérales de 2019. Le projet du NPD promet une assurance médicaments universelle qui prévoit notamment une couverture des soins en santé mentale, et des soins dentaires et auditifs. Lire plus

10 health stories that mattered this week. cmajnews.com: Health News Recap – A plan for pharmacare, Health Canada pulls Goop products, rising teen emergency visits for self-harm, and more in this week’s top Canadian health news. Read more

Video goggles help diagnose vertigo. sydney.edu.au: Specially designed goggles that measure eye movements during vertigo could help diagnose the type of vertigo a person suffers, according to new research from the University of Sydney and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Read more

New toolkit guides health-care professionals to assess dementia in a new way. folio.ca: A new assessment toolkit helps health professionals determine seniors’ decision-making capacity in a way that is minimally intrusive, follows patients’ wishes and aims to keep them safe at home for as long as possible, say the U of A researchers who led the development of the new model. Read more

CMA creates new patient engagement framework. cma.ca: The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is releasing its first-ever patient engagement framework to guide how the association reaches out to patients and the public. These new guidelines were developed in close collaboration with the Patient Voice – a group of patients from across Canada who help shape the CMA’s advocacy work. Read more

U of A virologists identify how experimental Ebola treatment works. folio.ca: As the deadly virus spreads in Congo, researchers have shown why a promising drug is effective at preventing Ebola from copying itself. Read more

Cannabis edibles to be legally for sale by mid-December – Minister Bill Blair will announce details of roll-out today. cbc.ca: New cannabis products — like edibles, beverages, topicals and extracts — will be legally for sale in Canada mid-December. Read more

Les produits comestibles du cannabis sur les tablettes dès la mi-décembre au Canada. ici.radio-canada.ca: Radio-Canada a appris que les produits comestibles et dérivés du cannabis seront disponibles en vente légale à compter de la mi-décembre 2019 au pays. Friandises, boissons, crèmes pour la peau, haschich ou huile pour vapoter : un vaste marché est sur le point de s’ouvrir au Canada. Lire plus

Many epinephrine self-injectors still potent long after expiration date. reuters.com: EpiPens and other autoinjectors filled with epinephrine to treat severe allergic reactions may still be potent enough to work many months past their labeled expiration date. Read more

San Francisco weighs 1st US city ban on e-cigarette sales. thestar.com: The supervisors will vote Tuesday on measures to ban the sale and distribution of e-cigarettes in San Francisco until the U.S. Food and Drug Administration completes a public health review of the devices. Read more

Calgary eyes ending smoking exemptions for hookah bars. calgaryherald.com: The City of Calgary wants the public’s input on if and how it should strengthen smoking and vaping rules. Waterpipe smoking – commonly known as hookah – is the focus of the city’s goal to tighten smoking and vaping regulations in workplaces and public spaces. The city, alongside Alberta Health Services, has been researching the health consequences of smoking shisha, the herbal mixture or tobacco blend smoked in a waterpipe. Read more

Juul-sponsored study shows secondhand vaping emissions are much less toxic than cigarette smoke. cnbc.com: The study finds about 99% less formaldehyde and carbon monoxide in air exhaled by e-cigarette users than in air exhaled by traditional smokers. The results could help boost Juul’s reputation as it faces increased scrutiny over the company’s alleged role in the rise of nicotine use in minors. Read more

1 in 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water – UNICEF, WHO. who.int: New report on inequalities in access to water, sanitation and hygiene also reveals more than half of the world does not have access to safe sanitation services. Read more

Continuing Education Matters

Dalhousie University – Current course offerings

McGill University – Continuing dental education

Université Laval – Formation continue

University of Manitoba – Continuing professional development

Université de Montréal – Formation dentaire continue

University of Alberta – Program and courses

University of British Columbia – Calendar of courses

University of Saskatchewan – Continuing professional dental education

University of Toronto – Continuing dental education

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry University – Continuing professional development


September 4–8: ADA FDI World Dental Congress, in San Francisco, CA. Read more

September 12–14: College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan + Canadian Dental Association Joint Convention, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Read more

September 26–28: Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics 27th Annual Scientific Meeting in Toronto, Ontario. Read more

November 8: Toronto Academy of Dentistry 82nd Winter Clinic. Save the date

November 29– December 4: Greater NY Dental Meeting, in New York, New York. Read more



January 30–February 1: Yankee Dental Congress – Advancing the Vision 2020, in Boston, Massachusetts. Read more

February 20–22: Chicago Dental Society 155th Midwinter Meeting – Kaleidoscope View 2020, in Chicago, Illinois. Read more

March 5–7: Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver, BC. Mark your calendars

March 19–20: Academy of Osseointegration 2020 Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA. Read more

April 2–4: Manitoba Dental Association presents the 2020 MDA/CDA Convention – Seeing Dentistry Clearly, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Save the date

September 1–4: FDI World Dental Congress in Shanghai, China. Future meeting dates

October 1–3: Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics 28th Annual Scientific Meeting in Toronto, Ontario. Read more


Please let us know about upcoming continuing education meetings that could be of interest to Canadian dentists by emailing us at oasisdiscussions@cda-adc.ca

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