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Oral Health Month is Here! Test Your Knowledge During Our Myth Buster Series

This year, the CDA OASIS theme for National Oral Health Month is Myth Busting.

Starting today, we’re tackling common and notable facts, myths, and fictions, and looking at what’s true and what’s false in the wonderful world of dentistry. This month we’re setting the record straight about common misinformation and bogus news for patients and dentists alike. 

Throughout April we’ll be posting about topics like pregnancy and dental health, what really erodes enamel, sugar versus honey, cyber security for dentists, social media, and common myths encountered by advisors ad CDSPI. 

First up, Oil Pulling. Take a look and have your say on this hot topic. 

Oil Pulling and Oral Health 


“Oil pulling” the act of swishing of edible oils like coconut, olive, and sesame oil around the mouth for up to 20-minutes, disinfects the mouth and whitens teeth. 


At this time, there are is no reliable, scientific research that suggests oil pulling improves oral health. But so popular is this myth that the American Dental Association has issued a recommendation against oil pulling in their Healthy Mouth website. For good oral health, remind patients to stick with good old-fashioned brushing and flossing.

Have your patients asked about oil pulling? We want to hear from you!

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Happy Oral Health Month!

CDA Oasis Team

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