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Have Your Say on CDA OASIS During National Oral Health Month

Like springtime, National Oral Health Month is right around the corner. This April, dental professionals and the Canadian Dental Association will be sharing resources and tips, all in the service of better oral health. 

Category is: Myth Busting

This year, the Canadian Dental Association’s theme for National Oral Health Month is Myth Busting. We’ll be sharing information about dental facts and debunking dental fiction. But we need your help!

Content Driven by Dentists

Tell us what myths and misinformation you want to see busted on CDA OASIS. Share your ideas via Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #CDAMythBusters,or send us an email.

Celebrate Oral Health Month at Your Practice

Join CDA in promoting National Oral Health Month by sharing new information about developing dental health topics like, cannabis, nutrition, and preventative procedures with your patients, and remind of them the important role that dental health plays in health and wellness.

Join the conversation and share with us some of the myths you have encountered in your practice

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