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Premier Traxodent: Hemodent Paste Retraction System


This post was prepared in collaboration with Premier Dental Products

Traxodent® – Hemodent® Paste Retraction System

The #1 Choice for hemostasis & retraction

Looking for a better solution that delivers quicker hemostasis and retraction…plus a better patient experience too?  Award-winning1 Traxodent® is the #1 choice2 among dental professionals because it works fast, helps capture accurate impressions and rinses away easily.  No film residue—no worries!  Use it alone, with cord, or a retraction cap for greater gingival deflection.  And since Traxodent doesn’t irritate or discolor surrounding tissue, patients leave happier too.  Predictable results and reduced chair time.  Every time. 

  • 1Traxodent is the winner of the Dental Product Shopper ‘Best Product’ award for 2018.
  • 2Traxodent is the #1 choice among dental professionals. SDM Data 2017.

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Traxodent Product Page

Product Preview (1.26″)


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