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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2018/08/01


Top News

Health Canada updates Canadians on shortage situation involving EpiPen (0.3 mg) auto-injectors

Public dental care regime negotiations: The ACDQ will legally challenge Minister Barrette’s order, but dentists will keep treating insured patients

What’s Behind the Surge in Retail Healthcare Deals?

Google the first to join NIH effort to use cloud in research

Silver diamine fluoride use on adults examined in August JADA

Canadian dentistry news

Nova Scotia blames bureaucrat, restores children’s dental-cleaning coverage. nationalpost.com: Nova Scotia’s Liberal premier has moved to overrule an unidentified Health Department bureaucrat who ended provincial coverage of children’s dental cleaning without clearing it with the political bosses. Read more

Health Canada updates Canadians on shortage situation involving EpiPen (0.3 mg) auto-injectors. healthycanadians.gc.ca: Following Health Canada’s most recent communication regarding a shortage of EpiPen (0.3 mg) and EpiPen Jr (0.15 mg) auto-injectors, Pfizer Canada has advised Health Canada that supply of EpiPen in the 0.3 mg format is expected to be very limited at pharmacies during the month of August. Read more

Public dental care regime negotiations: The ACDQ will legally challenge Minister Barrette’s order, but dentists will keep treating insured patients. newswire.ca: The Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec (ACDQ) announced today its recommendation that its members continue to provide care to patients covered by the public dental care regime, and not yield to the provocations of Mr. Barrette who rushed his order onto dentists on July 26. The Association is nonetheless very opposed to this government gag order, which is an attack on democracy and the right to negotiate. Read more

Négociations relatives au régime public de soins dentaires : L’ACDQ contestera juridiquement l’arrêté du ministre Barrette, mais les dentistes continueront à traiter les patients assurés. newswire.ca : L’Association des chirurgiens-dentistes du Québec (ACDQ) a annoncé aujourd’hui qu’elle recommande à ses membres de continuer à donner des soins aux patients couverts par le régime public de soins dentaires et de ne pas céder aux provocations de M. Barrette, qui a imposé son arrêté à toute vitesse aux dentistes le 26 juillet dernier. Elle s’insurge toutefois contre ce bâillon gouvernemental, qui constitue une attaque en règle contre la démocratie et le droit de négocier. Lire plus

Votre sourire, un enjeu électoral? lapresse.ca : L’éventail des services de santé assumés par l’État est effectivement une question de politiques publiques. Et le syndicat des dentistes, qui est en train de négocier les tarifs que ses membres pourront facturer à la Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ), a un intérêt financier évident dans l’affaire. Il est toutefois loin d’être le seul à dénoncer les lacunes du régime actuel. Lire plus

Edmonton sparks up online survey for input on its tobacco and cannabis smoking policy. thestar.com: The city wants public feedback on its new smoking policy through an online survey, but residents have less than a week to respond. Read more

Your Dentists. Your Communities. – Dr. Simone Abbas: yourdentists.ca: It was her brother Tommy’s own struggles and needs that inspired her to become a dentist. More than that, it motivated her to advocate for persons with disabilities and open a not-for-profit society called Isaiah House in Dartmouth, N.S. Read more

CDAA Weekly E-Newsbrief August 01, 2018. cdaa.ca: Read more

International dentistry news

What’s Behind the Surge in Retail Healthcare Deals? Bain.com: From 2012 to 2017, the number of deals involving retail health companies—those that operate freestanding health-related outlets like dental clinics or urgent care facilities—has soared, increasing at a compound annual rate of 34% in the North American market. Read more

Gap in earnings between owner-dentists and nonowners declining. ada.org: The difference in earnings between dentists who own practices and nonowner dentists is narrowing, according to a paper developed by the ADA Health Policy Institute and published in The Journal of the American Medical Association in July. Read more

Health care: Sun, sea and surgery. economist.com: Croatia is one of a number of treatment hotspots in the medical-tourism industry. Babies are made in Barbados, sexes are changed in Bangkok, teeth are replaced in Hungary or Mexico and hair is transplanted in Turkey. Read more

The role of the oral health community in addressing the opioid overdose epidemic. jada.ada.org: A guest editorial in the August issue of JADA written by officials from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research and the National Institute on Drug Abuse praised the ADA’s efforts to combat the opioid epidemic. Read more

Doctors and Policymakers Struggle to Keep Up As Opioid Use Surges Among Women. huffingtonpost.ca: Women are both uniquely susceptible to prescription opioids and face additional structural barriers to accessing addiction treatment. Read more

Most Seniors Uninformed on Opioid Use. webmd.com: A new survey suggests health care professionals are giving short shrift to their older patients when it comes to explaining the risks of opioid painkillers. Read more

Gov. Baker Signs Bill Raising Tobacco Purchasing Age to 21. usnews.com: Gov. Charlie Baker has signed a bill making Massachusetts the latest U.S. state to require people be at least 21 before they can buy cigarettes, tobacco or vaping products. Read more

Bring the pain: Report recommends skills for future doctors. bizjournals.com: In the future, the state’s [Tennessee] potential doctors and dentists will get more education around pain management — and stopping addiction before it starts. Read more

U.S. Smoking Rate Falls To Historic Low. forbes.com: A Gallup poll has now revealed that the smoking rate has fallen to 16 percent, the lowest level on record since the question was first asked in 1944. Read more

Poll: Americans Think Smoking Pot Is Less Harmful Than Cigarettes. usnews.com: According to a new Gallup poll, Americans see four types of tobacco products, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars and pipes, as more dangerous to people who use them than marijuana and e-cigarettes, also known as vaping. Read more

Young People Adopt Vaping as Their Smoking Rate Plummets. news.gallup.com: One in five Americans under age 30 vape at least occasionally. Vaping much less common among those 30 and older. Read more

Panelists Aim to Find Balance between E-Cigarette Prevention and Treatment Potential at AACR Briefing. ga.dentalresearchglob.org: On July 18th, the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) held a briefing titled, “E-cigarettes: Striking a balance between preventing youth nicotine addiction and helping current adult smokers quit.” Read more

Google the first to join NIH effort to use cloud in research. healthdatamanagement.com: Under the agreement with Google Cloud, researchers at more than 2,500 academic institutions nationwide who receive NIH support will be able to tap into the company’s storage, computing and machine learning technologies. Read more

New dental care approach to be expanded after trial reduces tooth decay. gov.uk: The new system incentivises dentists to offer full oral health assessments and self-care plans on top of traditional treatments. Read more

Support in New Zealand grows for standalone oral hygienist council to cut dental costs. newshub.co.nz: Former Health Minister Dame Annette King says dental hygienists and oral therapists should fight for their own standalone council, having worked under the supervision and control of the Dental Council for too long. Read more

‘Billboards on our Breakfast Tables’ fuelling decay and obesity epidemics, say dentists. bda.org: The BDA has called for sweeping changes to food marketing and product formulation, as new research […] reveals the extent of misleading claims on sugar-rich cereals aimed at children. Read more

‘Alternative facts’ and local cuts must not be barriers to fluoridation debate. bda.org: The BDA has slammed misleading comments from Hull councillors that appear to sound the death knell of England’s latest fluoridation bid –  and called on central government to step up and guarantee financial support to councils across England seeking to explore proposals. Read more

Durbin Back on the Warpath Against E-Cigarette ‘Candy-Flavored Poisons’. rollcall.com: Senate Minority Whip Richard J. Durbin has launched a new offensive against a familiar foe: electronic cigarettes. Read more

ADA asks FDA to maintain rule regulating premium cigars. ada.org: The ADA has signed onto a letter asking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to not reconsider its decision to regulate premium cigars. Read more

ADA commends government agencies for updating report on oral health. ada.org: A forthcoming Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health will document progress in oral health since 2000 and articulate a vision for the future, a move the ADA is commending. Read more

House passes bill repealing medical device tax. ada.org: The House of Representatives this week passed bills that repeal the current medical device tax and increase the flexibility and dollar amount caps on health savings and flexible savings accounts. Read more

Clinical & scientific news

Silver diamine fluoride use on adults examined in August JADA. ada.org: Applying silver diamine fluoride to exposed root surfaces of older adults can be an effective way to prevent caries, according to the August issue of The Journal of the American Dental Association. Read more

Researchers are first to sequence rare bacteria that causes rampant tooth decay. sciencedaily.com: Little is known about the bacteria Streptococcus sobrinus, which accelerates tooth decay in some people. This will soon change because a team of researchers has now successfully sequenced the complete genomes of three strains of S. sobrinus. Read more

New Dentist’s Office Tech Could Communicate Your Pain for You. theoutline.com: Telling doctors when it hurts, or how much, is a fraught process. Read more

The Importance of Oral Health in Comprehensive Health Care. jamanetwork.com: A 5-minute oral examination could help physicians not only recognize poor oral health but also detect clues to seemingly unrelated health issues. Read more

A Short Case Study: The Mystery of the Missed Canals. dentistrtytoday.com: Read more

Which material works best for the first arch wire in a fixed brace? cochraneohg.wordpress.com: A systematic review to find out the best kind of wire arches for orthodontists to use when putting braces on people’s teeth to make them straighter. Read more

3-D Printers Improve Production Inside the Dental Practice. dentistrytoday.com: The world of dentistry is transitioning from a hybrid analog/digital workflow to fully digital, spurred on by the reduced cost and increased reliability of 3-D printing. Read more

Diabetics face a higher risk of mouth cancer, with women far more at risk. dentalhealth.org: The research, published in Diabetologia, discovered that women have a 13 per cent higher chance of developing oral cancer if they suffer from diabetes. Read more

Dental plaque is no match for catalytic nanoparticles. penntoday.upenn.edu: Twice-daily rinses of FDA-approved nanoparticles broke apart oral biofilms and prevented tooth decay in a study led by School of Dental Medicine researchers. Read more

Mind your business

Patient-Centred Care, Soft Skills and Good Business. oralhealthgroup.com: As a profession, dentists must commit to improving patient communication skills. Read more

Five Books to Help Boost your Dental Practice. cdspi.com: Here’s some essential reading that will help you take your dental practice to the next level. Read more

Patient information

Oil Pulling. mouthhealthy.org: Based on the lack of scientific evidence, the American Dental Association does not recommend oil pulling as a dental hygiene practice. Read more

5 lies that your dentist isn’t buying. healthnewstribune.com: Dentists are experts in oral hygiene, so trying to fool them about the state of your teeth and gums is a fool’s errand. Read more

Your health & medical news

Better Pharmacare for Patients: Evaluating Policy Options. pharmacists.ca: Important patient-driven principles must guide pharmacare policy, program design and administration, suggests a joint discussion paper released today by the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA), Best Medicines Coalition (BMC) and Health Charities Coalition of Canada (HCCC). Read more

Mind full or mindful? asdablog.com: We often go through a whole day without checking in with our bodies. Our minds are constantly jumping from one thought to the next without a break. We rarely allow our minds to rest for even a few minutes in a day. Read more

Rethinking EHR interfaces to reduce click fatigue and physician burnout. cmajnews.com: Although electronic health records (EHR) offer many benefits, they have also become an administrative burden for busy doctors and have been linked to physician burnout. Read more

Canada among top 20 countries for skin cancer risk. cmajnews.com: Canada ranks 19th in the world for skin cancer susceptibility, according to an international study conducted by derma.plus, a dermatology expert group based in Germany. Read more

Pharmacare consultations should be transparent. thestar.com: The culmination of the conference included an announcement that a national pharmacare blueprint would be unveiled in the spring of 2019. Read more

Nothing free about Canada’s ‘free’ health-care system: Fraser report. torontosun.com: And our health-care system is far from being a free ride. The eye-opening data was released Tuesday by the Fraser Institute. Read more

An app today keeps the doctor away – and health care within reach. thestar.com: Hoping to bridge the gap between rural Canadians and health care, a mobile app is offering patients face time with physicians over their phones. Read more

Blood Sugar Spikes Seen in Seemingly Healthy People. consumer.healthday.com: “Even if you don’t have diabetes, you may not have normal glucose. There are a lot of people with glucose dysfunction out there who don’t know it,” said the study’s lead author. Read more

E-cigarette maker Juul targeted teens with false claims of safety, lawsuit says. washingtonpost.com: Juul Labs has claimed its product is for adult smokers only, but several lawsuits contradict that mission. The filings allege the start-up deceptively marketed the Juul as safe and targeted youth from the get-go. Read more

A New Study Shows Just How Much Doctors Prescribe Opioids. time.com: After years of rising use, federal data suggests that opioid prescriptions are beginning to drop off in the U.S., perhaps in an effort to curtail a substance abuse epidemic that continues to get worse. But new research suggests that many doctors are still prescribing these powerful drugs — even for relatively minor injuries. Read more

Continuing education matters

Dalhousie University – Current course offerings

McGill University – Winter 2017 continuing education – upcoming courses

Université Laval – Formation continue

University of Manitoba – Continuing professional development

Université de Montréal – Formation dentaire continue

University of Alberta – Program and courses

University of British Columbia – Calendar of courses

University of Saskatchewan – Continuing professional dental education

University of Toronto – Continuing dental education

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry University – Continuing professional development


August 15-18: 20th World Congress on Dental Traumatology in San Diego, California. Read more

August 22-25: CDA Convention, hosted by the Dental Association of PEI. Read more

August 31-September 2: 24th International Association for Disability and Oral Health Congress, in Dubai, UAE. Registration now open

September 5-8:– FDI World Dental Congress, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Read more

September 6-8: 2018 Saskatchewan Oral Health Conference, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Read mores

September 6-8: California Dental Association Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry, in San

Francisco, California. Read more

September 13-15: Dentsply Sirona World 2018, in Orlando, Florida. Read more

September 20-22: Orthodontic World Congress Europe 2018, in Malta. Read more

September 27-29: 26th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics, in Montreal, Quebec. Save the date

October 18-22: ADA 2018 America’s Dental Meeting, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Save the date

November 9: Toronto Academy of Dentistry – 81st Annual Winter Clinic, in Toronto, Ontario. Read more

November 25-28: Greater NY Dental Meeting 2018, in New York, NY. Read more

January 31, February 2, 2019: Yankee Dental Congress in Boston, Massachusetts. Read more

January 25-26, 2019: Manitoba Dental Association Annual Meeting & Convention, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Read more

February 21-23, 2019: Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, in Chicago, Il. Read more

March 7-9, 2019: Pacific Dental Conference, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Read more

March 12-16, 2019: 38th International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany. Read more

March 13-19, 2019:  Academy of Osseointegration 2019 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Read more

April 10-13, 2019: American Association of Endodontists Annual Meeting, in Montreal, Quebec. Read more

May 1-4, 2019: 38th Australian Dental Congress in Adelaide, Australia. Read more

May 9–11, 2019: Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting, Toronto, Ontario. Read more


Please let us know about upcoming continuing education meetings that could be of interest to Canadian dentists by emailing us at oasisdiscussions@cda-adc.ca

Dental industry news

Hu-Friedy Launches Innovative eBook, “Practice Efficiency Playbook”. hu-friedy.com: Hu-Friedy […] announced the release of a new eBook designed to provide dental professionals with practical and actionable advice on improving practice efficiency, creating high-performing dental teams and establishing a safe and contemporary approach to infection prevention. Read more

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