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The 2017 Market in Review with Timothy A. Brown



Timothy Brown, CEO of ROI Corp, gives us highlights of the 2017 market review as they relate to general dental practices in major centres in Canada.

  • When looking at practice statistics in terms of gross or the amount the practice sold as a percentage of its gross billings:
    • Highest gross in 2016 was 227% compared to 190% in 2017 (a difference of 37%)
    • Lowest gross in 2017 was 65% for a practice in rural Western Canada
    • Low gross in the GTA 86% (due to extenuating circumstances)
  • Looking at the amount a practice sold as percentage of its net income:
    • Low net (cash flow) 131% for a very remote rural practice
    • High net was 365% for an attractive location in downtown Toronto

While market peak seems to have occurred, the demand of practices still remains high given the multitude of buyers.

Full Video (4.31″)


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