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The Role of Appointment Reminder Systems in an Age of Emerging Technology



Dr. David Avenetti, Residency Program Director in Pediatric Dentistry at University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry (UIC), speaks to the Oasis Discussions audience about the role of appointment reminders and emerging technology.  David has extensive experience as a full-time clinical assistant professor at UIC and in private practice and he has seen the role that technology plays in no-show rates in both publicly and privately-funded care.

Key Messages

  • Access to care is made up of 2 components: access to dental insurance and dental utilization
  • Appointment Reminder Systems (ARS) play big role in dental utilization
  • Novel technologies which automate ARS may increase compliance of patients as well as decrease tardiness
  • Ultimately, leads to increase positive patient experiences and practice productivity
  • ARS include: direct mail, phone calls, text message, email
  • Cell phone usage is almost universal in the U.S. and the majority of users have smartphones
  • Between 2010-2015, rapid increase in smartphone usage along with tablets which are replacing laptops and desktops
  • Most people prefer text/email communication and will enable 2-way communication (confirmation of appointments)
  • Practice management software systems are well-integrated with SMS, email and automated voice reminders
  • Practices have the ability to customize the preferences for ARS to their patients
  • Gender does not have an effect of the ARS preferences; whereas, the younger age groups show a preference for email/text reminders

Full Interview (24.48″)



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