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Tell It Like It Is: Positive Dentistry with Dr. Miguel Stanley


Two years ago, I invited Dr. Miguel Stanley for an interview about his participation in one of the international dental conferences. I very much enjoyed my talk with him then; and I did again, this time around, when I invited him to share his experience speaking about dentistry on the TED stage. There aren’t many TED talks about dentistry, so when I found his, I thought it should be featured as an incentive for other dentists to share their experiences and thoughts about dentistry on such a prominent stage! 

Miguel is a renowned international dentist, speaker, author, and TV host. He has a unique and insightful perspective on dentistry and the influence of technology on the modern dental practice. And, he does it all with such ease and in a highly entertaining manner. I enjoyed my interview with  him and I hope you do too. 

Be sure to check his TED talk, linked below my interview with him!

Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager





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