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Premedication with Antimicrobials: Matching the Right Drug to the Right Bug!


Continuing our series of pharmacological topics, my conversation with Dr. Mark Donaldson was about premedication for dental procedures, in particular, about the management of orofacial infections with antimicrobials.

It’s always a pleasure to host Dr. Donaldson on Oasis Discussions, and we hope that you will enjoy as well as benefit from this interview. I also would like to thank Dr. Donaldson for sharing the entire course with our viewers/readers. 

Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager


Dr. Mark Donaldson: Premedication for Dental Procedures. Course Material.
Please note that this material was initially developed for CE purposes. It is, however, presented here as a resource to the topic of this post. There is no obligation to take the CE course.


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