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CE Showcase Pediatric Dentistry Supporting Your Practice

CE Showcase ASM 2017: Staged Care: New Solutions in Treating Early Childhood Caries


Dr. Ian McConnachie, pediatric dentist in Ottawa, spoke with Dr. Suham Alexander about his session at ASM 2017: Staged Care New Solution in Treating Early Childhood Caries.


The new standard of care for infants and young children is initial examination by first birthday at the latest. In spite of this, many dentists do not follow this, and incidence of early childhood caries remains unacceptably high and treatment needs often require significant interventions, including general anesthesia. A new treatment algorithm will be discussed, along with specific treatment solutions which will assist the general practitioner to treat this child and enjoy doing it.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand a care philosophy for the pre-co-operative child that is both empathetic and collaborative
  • Develop an approach to care based on individualized and ongoing risk assessment and management
  • Through staged care, develop the pre-co-operative child into a positive dental patient

Dr. McConnachie’s session runs on May 4th, 2017: 10:00 am – 12:30 pm





  1. Lesia Waschuk March 28, 2017

    What a terribly important subject, because of the impact this oral disease has on children’s quality of life and overall health – and what a progressive approach to managing the pervasive problem of early childhood caries. I look forward to his session at the ODA ASM.

  2. Marielle Pariseau DMD March 28, 2017

    I am surprised to learn that dentists have not massively bought into the concept of First Birthday, First Visit. Embracing the new model of care and welcoming babies into your dental practice is the best way to advertise how deeply you care about oral health. Dr Mc Connachie hints to the fact that it will change your practice. Although many babies don’t even cry during these well baby visits, the baby’s cries you fear will become an audible trademark of your new level of care, not scaring patients away but on the contrary, growing your practice. If the thought of providing restorative care to a three year old keeps you awake at night, I have only one advice for you: start seeing babies in your practice today.


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