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When is the right time to sell your practice?

Timothy Brown, President and CEO of ROICorp, comes back to speak with Dr. Suham Alexander about “seller’s” market and what decisions may factor into a dentist’s decision to sell his/her practice(s).


In terms of timing to sell, fall and spring seem to be the best seasons to sell as people are usually more optimistic following the same rea estate trends. Currently, the dental marketplace remains strong with high practice valuations due to factors, such as low interest rates, the corporate dental buyers who are aggressively buying practices and paying premium prices for them, the oversupply of buyers, and the short supply of listings.

Dentists consider selling their practices for a wide array of personal reasons. However, most often these include the dentist either being ill or having a serious health concern to deal with, he/she may be tired of the administrative aspects of the practice and finally, the dentist may be financially secure and may no longer wish to own the practice anymore.


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  1. Best time to sell is never

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