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Who is the iDentist and are you one?

Timothy Brown returns to speak with Dr. Suham Alexander about two different dental practice owners. The changing landscape in the dental industry also brings about changes in how dentist owners view their dental practices.


iDentist, is a trademarked concept which refers to the dentist as an “investor” dentist with a very entrepreneurial outlook on the business. These dentists, alone or in partnership, accumulate multiple practices and thrive on growing their businesses. In general, these dentists tend to have spontaneous, ambitious, energetic and dynamic personalities.

In contrast, “I, the dentist” is a dentist who prefers to operate his/her solo practice. This owner enjoys going to work each day and takes pride in this one office. This traditional ownership model describes ~75% of the current Canadian dental practices and their owners like to have controlled and structured healthcare and business environments.




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  1. Dentistry is above all medical field and the main motive of dentists should be well being of their patients, not money. If you are a good, caring dentist money will come as well. He does not talk also about dentists employed by corporate offices! What about them? He just praises Investment Dentistry! Calls solo practitioners controllers! In reality , in 24/7 timeline, it is very rare that a dentist can dedicate time and effort to be a good and caring dentist and business entrepreneur. Fortunately for patients, there are still lots of solo practices, where a dentist builds a reputation by quality work and caring. In bigger offices there is much less quality control of what kind of dentistry is done by associates. While a solo owner makes sure that he/she does the best for his/her patients. Thanks!

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