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What Factors Should You Consider When Restoring Primary Teeth?

Dr. Reza Nouri, Certified Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry in the greater Vancouver area, gives the audience information on restoring primary molars.


  • Understanding the anatomical differences between permanent and primary molars makes a difference in understanding how to restore the teeth including the type of preparation required as well as the behaviour of the restorative material that will be used to treat the teeth.
  • Dr. Nouri also discusses the indications for unilateral and bilateral space maintainers as well as different types available for use.




  1. Just a comment. I have found Dr. Nouri’s presentations to be very informative and organized. A pleasure to view and to learn from.
    Bob Kinniburgh

  2. Vasant Ramlaggan

    Thanks for that excellent presentation Dr. Nouri! It was a great refresher on protocols and techniques.

    May I ask as to what materials you prefer for your pulpotomies? And perhaps a simple statement of your protocol?

    Thanks again!

    • Thank you very much, Vasant.
      The answer to your question about what materials I prefer for pulpotomies in primary molars and why requires a complete presentation on to itself. Allow me to simply say that I mostly use a very minute amount of 1:5 dilution of FC, but have also used Ferric Sulphate and MTA. FC used to be the gold standard, but recent scientific studies have shown MTA to perform as well or better than FC in primary molar pulpotomies. similar to any other endodontic procedure there are many factors that come into play, as opposed to just choosing a specific agent on the amputated pulp. Preoperative diagnosis of the pulpal status, preoperative radiographic evaluation, preoperative clinical evaluation, proper amputation of the coronal pulpal tissue with sufficient irrigation, choice of agent for pulpal treatment, choice and placement of medicament (MTA, ZOE, or IRM), and proper restoration (ideally SSC or ZC) to seal the tooth adequately all play a role in your short and long term success for pulpotomies. I hope you find this helpful.

  3. Excellent presentation. I too would like to hear more about your techniques for pulpotomies. Perhaps Oasis could encourage an additional video from you on that topic!

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