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Case Conference: Post-operative complications following connective tissue graft


This case is presented by Dr. Peter Halford.

We have initiated a pilot project with the Nova Scotia Dental Association which allows dentists in Nova Scotia to get CE points when completing this case along with the Case Conference on Diagnosing and Treating Trauma Using CBCT. We encourage Nova Scotia dentists to visit their website and participate in this initiative. Dentists in other Canadian provinces are welcome to send in their responses to this case by completing the form below. Please note that CDA Oasis does not confer CE points for any participation on Oasis Discussions. 

We extend our thanks to Drs. Aditya Patel, Deborah Matthews and and Chris Lee from Dalhousie University.

Watch the case presentation (Password 1234)


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Is the post-operative sequelae noted for this patient, extra-oral and intra-oral, considered “normal”?

If not considered “normal” what would be the next approach?

What is the likely lesion noted on the upper labial mucosa at 1 week post-op? How would you treat this lesion?

For further grafting procedures, how would you change the approach form the current protocol?

Can you anticipate successful root coverage with the complications noted above?


  1. brady eason January 28, 2018

    is there a resolution to this yet?


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