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What is the difference between fusion and concrescence? Between twinning and gemination?


What is the difference between fusion and concrescence? Between twinning and gemination?

Fusion is a more complete process than concrescence and involves fusion of the entire length of two teeth (enamel, dentin, and cementum) to form one large tooth, with one less tooth in the arch, or fusion of the root only (dentin and cementum), with the maintenance of two clinical crowns. Concrescence involves fusion of cementum only.

Twinning is more complete than gemination and results in the formation of two separate teeth from one tooth bud (one extra tooth in the arch). In gemination, separation is attempted, but the two teeth share the same root canal.

Source: Dental Secrets, Elsevier, 2015

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  1. Ken Serota July 30, 2015

    Attached film is from the Facebook dental forum Style Italiano Endodontics reposted to NEXUS – http://www.facebook.com/groups/kendonexus – thanks to John O’Keefe the supreme being of Knowledge Networks for bringing social media (finally) to Canada in the most expert manner and with style and distinction.

    An unusual maxillary canine.
    A 14-year old female was referred for root canal treatment on tooth #23. The tooth has been treated in emergency with an access cavity and medication. The preliminary X-ray shows a case of dens invaginatus type III of Oehlers.
    The dens was shaped and cleaned and the main canal was treated as a C-shaped canal. All gutta-percha master cones was placed simultaneously. Accessory cones was added to ensure a great mass of gutta-percha for condensation. The Schilder technique was used to fill the root canal system.
    2 months later the healing took place.
    Case by Dr Gaby Haddad


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