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Oasis Dentist Resource: Dental Erosion: What is the etiology and diagnosis and how is it prevented?

This post is largely adapted from the PennWell’s Dental Group CE information pamphlet: Dental Erosion: Etiology, Diagnosis and Prevention

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  • Dental erosion is a prevalent condition that occurs worldwide. It is the result of exposure of the enamel and dentin to nonbacterial acids of extrinsic and intrinsic origin, whereby mineral loss occurs from the surface of the tooth.
  • The most frequently affected areas are the palatal surface of maxillary incisors and the occlusal surface of the mandibular first molars in adolescents. 
  • Characteristic early signs of dental erosion include smooth and flat facets on facial or palatal surfaces, and shallow and localized dimpling on occlusal surfaces.
  • Early intervention is key to effectively preventing erosive tooth wear.
  • Effective prevention of dental erosion includes measures that can avoid or reduce direct contact with acids, increase acid resistance of dental hard tissues and minimize toothbrushing abrasion.

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  1. 1. Frequency of varnish application to eroded areas?
    2. Treatment protocol for a patient who is in their late twenties where the erosion is significant, all preventive habits have been eliminated, except reflux which is difficult to eliminate and long term medication in a young person may have unwanted consequences eg malignancy.

  2. Would eating a piece of cheese provide the necessary calcium and phosphate?
    if yes
    how much cheese
    what kind of cheese is best
    Frequency of intake
    when is the best eg before bed?

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  4. I find the oasis discussions very valuable and read them without fail.

  5. Christina Binert-Miller

    The info is great. I find the “music” highly annoying. Where is the PDF? Could that please be an option right from the get go so that the video can be avoided? Also a video uses up more data than text.

  6. Paediatric Dentist

    The opening picture is one of Early Childhood Caries , not classic erosion!

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