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Cancer screening and detection in high-risk communities: A conversation opener with Dr. Ajit Auluck


Ajit's Pic EditedDr. Ajit Auluck, dentist and oral cancer researcher, spoke with Dr. John O’keefe about early cancer detection and screening in the communities most at risk to developing oral cancer. 








Watch the video of the conversation


Watch Dr. Auluck’s PPT Presentation: Oral Cancer Trends in B.C.


Dr. Auluck is a post-doctoral student with the LiVWELL research group at Simon Fraser University. He also works as a clinician scientist in the British Columbia Oral Cancer Prevention Program. A component of his research focuses upon risk factors for developing oral cancers, among ethnic minorities and underprivileged communities in British Columbia. The goal of the research is to help establish mechanisms for oral cancer screening and to improve access to oral health care for risk populations that bear the highest burden of oral diseases.  



  1. Dr Rashi Soin January 23, 2015

    Dr Ajit Auluck, a brilliant researcher and a complete knowledge box..what a great research and what a great cause. let’s hope that this really helps with early detection of oral cancer..would love to follow this one up ! well done !

  2. Dr. kapil jhajharia January 23, 2015

    First of all congratulation for your great work.Its really inspiring conversation. I liked your research video.
    Thank you sir
    Dr Kapil jhajharia
    Asst professor ,faculty of dentistry
    Dept of conservative dentistry and endodontics
    Melaka manipal medical college ,Melaka
    Jalan batu hampar, bukit baru,Melaka
    Malaysia -75150

  3. Anonymous January 23, 2015

    Great sir well done

  4. Dr Parul Gupta January 24, 2015

    Excellent presentation.
    Am really impressed with the good work

  5. Catherine January 24, 2015

    Very informative videos that nicely summarize important research happening in the field of oral cancer prevention. The future is bright because there are people like you who care and desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I appreciate your outreach and knowledge translation effort, and believe that your work will come to fruition.

  6. Dr Manuel S. Thomas January 27, 2015

    Let me begin by applauding Dr Ajit Auluck and his team of researchers for the investigations conducted on a very socially relevant issue. The problem of access to oral health care facility for people in the lower socioeconomic status is a problem not only in Canada, but around the globe. I expect that the findings of your research propel the policy makers in your country to provide easy access to oral care to these individuals. Moreover, hope the governing bodies in other nations; especially the developing countries are also encouraged to take care of their under privileged citizens. Continue your good work Dr Ajit……………All the very best.

  7. Dr Fadi Ibrahim February 2, 2015

    Dr.Auluck is one of the best colleagues i worked with, highly motivated, disciplined and a hard worker. when i see the progress he made in his research that doesn’t surprise me. Thanks Ajit for what you’re making to help our community and humanity through your researches.


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