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How effective is the use of mouthwash in the prevention of plaque, gingivitis and caries?


This summary is based on the supplement published in the Oral Diseases journal: Special Issue: Mouthwash Use and the Prevention of Plaque, Gingivitis and Caries (January 2014)

Read the Executive Summary and Summary of the Article (PDF)

Careful quantitative assessment of data regarding use of mouthwash and risk of common oral conditions reveals that there is a clear evidence of benefi t from use in terms of reducing the risk of dental plaque, gingivitis, dental caries and that there are no major adverse effects including no evidence of an increased risk of oral cancer among users of mouthwash containing alcohol.

Key Messages

  • There is evidence for the value of using mouthwash in terms of preventing or reducing the risk of developing a number of common conditions notably dental plaque, gingivitis and dental caries without any adverse effects.
  • There is also evidence that mouthwash use does not increase the risk of oral cancer even with the use of mouthwash containing a significant percentage of alcohol. Mouthwash use makes a significant contribution to Public Health.


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  1. James Noble January 7, 2014

    Having these kinds of statements get out to the public worry me because they tend to believe that it is a replacement for standard flossing and toothbrushing.


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