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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2021/09/08

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Wednesday. cbc.ca, Sept 8: Yukon government rolls out vaccine passports. Alberta mayors demand the government step up with vaccine passports, school masking. Vaccine passports coming, Furey says, as N.L. reports 5 new cases. No jab, no pay: Quebec gives health-care workers deadline to get fully vaccinated. B.C.'s vaccine card marks step toward province reopening with 'confidence,' premier says. Canada has opened up its borders to fully vaccinated foreign travellers. Are there risks? Ontario's COVID-19 testing system braces for return of school. N.W.T. declares COVID-19 outbreak among Yellowknife's homeless population. Read more

COVID-19 booster shots likely not needed for most Canadians, experts say. ctvnews.ca, Sept 8: While some countries are already committed to providing COVID-19 booster shots to their populations, Canada has not yet released a third dose plan and some experts say it’s still too early to tell if a booster is necessary for the general population. Read more

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Tuesday. cbc.ca, Sept 7: Canada set to welcome fully vaccinated foreign travellers. Alberta's vaccine lottery had little effect on boosting vaccination rates, doctors say. Parents of kids with long-COVID warn that children can develop severe symptoms. What we know — and don't know — about B.C.'s vaccine cards. Youngest Manitobans now account for most new COVID-19 cases. Apps monitor COVID-19 as Ontario university students return to campus. COVID-19 in Sask.: 7-day average of new cases hits highest ever recorded in the province. P.E.I. feed mills getting requests for ivermectin for COVID-19. Read more

Hospital protests 'demoralizing,' say eastern Ontario health-care workers. cbc.ca, Sept 6: Physicians and nurses say protests could make it harder to attract, retain staff. Eastern Ontario health-care workers are speaking up about demoralizing work conditions following a wave of protests against COVID-19 vaccines and mandatory vaccination policies — including one last week outside The Ottawa Hospital's Civic campus.Read more

UBC will require proof of vaccination when declaring immunization status. cbc.ca, Sept 4: All 90,000 students, faculty and staff must show proof of immunization or undergo regular rapid testing. Just three days before the start of the school term, the University of British Columbia has clarified it will now require all 90,000 of its students, faculty and staff to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination when declaring their immunization status. Read more

Leaving contact tracing to the public 'irresponsible', Sask. nurses union says. cbc.ca, Sept 5: The Saskatchewan Health Authority announced on Friday it would leave COVID-19 contact tracing to the public, but experts and critics say removing that service will only stress the health-care sector. Read more

Medical groups decry protesters' 'bullying, attacks' against health-care workers. ctvnews.ca, Sept 3: Several days of protests at hospitals around the country drew rebukes from medical industry groups on Friday, who raised concerns about the actions of protesters interfering with people seeking to access care. Read more

Canada on course for worst wave of COVID-19 yet, new modelling data shows. ctvnews.ca, Sept 3: Reported daily COVID-19 caseloads in Canada could reach unprecedented highs later this month if current levels of virus transmission are not reduced, new federal modelling data shows. Read more

What can employers do if workers won’t get coronavirus vaccine? benefitscanada.com, Sept 3: Air Canada’s recent decision not to offer rapid testing as an alternative for employees who refuse to be vaccinated against the coronavirus sets a tough new precedent that other companies may emulate, experts say. Read more

Poll finds most Canadians favour vaccine passport for non-essential places. nationalobserver.com, Sept 3: A new poll suggests eight out of 10 Canadians backed the notion of a COVID-19 vaccine passport in the days leading up to this week's rollout of a certificate system in Quebec and news that Ontario would soon follow suit. The poll also suggests Canadians were largely split on whether the reopening of in-person learning at elementary and secondary schools changed any concerns they had about the Delta variant. Read more

The case for monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID: 'Valuable tools not being used in Canada'. nationalpost.com, Sept 3: Florida and other American states seeing record-setting surges in COVID-19 cases are ordering tens of thousands of doses of lab-made antibodies Canadian doctors say are being underused in Canada. Read more

Health officials advise cautious September, predicting substantial fourth wave of COVID-19. ottawacitizen.com, Sept 3: Eighteen months into the pandemic, Ottawa residents are once again being warned it could be a rough fall if they don’t take steps to limit spread of COVID-19. Those steps include increasing vaccination rates, but also reducing close contacts. Read more

COVID restrictions on gatherings return in northern B.C. nationalobserver.com, Sept 3: British Columbia has reinstated restrictions on gatherings in the Northern Health region because of a spike in COVID-19 cases fuelled by the Delta variant. Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said starting Tuesday, indoor gatherings will be restricted to only one other family or five guests, while outdoor gatherings will be limited to 50 people. Organized outdoor events of more than 200 people will need a COVID-19 safety plan in place. Read more

Quebec judge rules boy, 12, can get COVID vaccine over father's objection. nationaloberserver.com, Sept 3: A Quebec Superior Court judge says a mother is allowed to have her 12-year-old son vaccinated against COVID-19 despite the father's opposition. In a judgment rendered last week, Justice Aline U.K. Quach ruled the boy can be vaccinated in accordance with both his and his mother's wishes. Read more

Fanshawe College makes COVID vaccine mandatory for campus access. lfpress.com, Sept 3: Fanshawe College is toughening up its COVID-19 rules, echoing Western University’s approach by requiring anyone who visits its campus to show proof of vaccination. The new policy will come into effect starting Tuesday and will impact all students, employees, contractors and visitors just as the school year begins. Read more

EU lists rare nerve disorder as possible side-effect of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. ctvnews.ca, Sept 8: Europe's medicines regulator has added an extremely rare nerve-damaging disorder, Guillain-Barré syndrome, as a possible side-effect of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine, regular safety updates from the watchdog showed on Wednesday. Read more

Pharma industry projects 12B COVID-19 vaccine doses by end of year. devex.com, Sept 7: COVID-19 vaccine production could exceed 12 billion doses by the end of the year and, without major bottlenecks, could reach 24 billion by June, according to the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations. By January, there could be enough vaccines to inoculate every adult on each continent. Next year the world could, for the first time, see supply outstrip demand. Read more

Pediatric cases surge in U.S. as students head back to school. washingtonpost.com, Sept 8: Weekly pediatric coronavirus cases surpassed 250,000 for the first time since the start of the pandemic. The pandemic significantly hampered efforts to combat tuberculosis, HIV and malaria last year, according to a nonprofit group’s report. People who got the J&J shot feel left behind in push for boosters. Vaccine makers take different stands on need for booster shots in Britain. Read more

Biden to outline strategy for controlling delta variant. thehill.com, Sept 7: President Biden on Thursday will outline additional steps his administration is taking to get the coronavirus pandemic under control as cases and hospitalizations increase in pockets of the country. Biden will deliver remarks laying out what a White House official described as a six-pronged strategy to slow the spread of the highly infectious delta variant and boost vaccination rates. Read more

Israel’s Covid Surge Shows The World What's Coming Next. ndtv.com, Sept 8: Coronavirus: Israel that was once predicted to be the first to vaccinate its entire population had the highest per-capita caseload of anywhere in the week through September 4. Read more

Delta variant eight times less sensitive to neutralizing antibodies from vaccines in a lab setting: study. ctvnews.ca, Sept 6: The Delta variant may have taken over as quickly as it did not only because of an increased infectivity, but because it is less affected by neutralizing antibodies produced by prior infection with COVID-19 or produced by vaccines, according to a new study that looked at the variant in a lab setting. ... This new research, which was published Monday in the journal Nature Research, suggests that it may not be smart to relax public health measures just yet. Read more

There were nearly 300% more new COVID cases on average this Labor Day than last year. cbsnews.com, Sept 7: The average weekly number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. was nearly 300% higher this Labor Day weekend compared to the same time last year, data from Johns Hopkins University shows. The average number of deaths was more than 86% higher compared to the same period in 2020. Read more

Judge says Ohio hospital cannot be forced to use ivermectin to treat Covid, reversing earlier decision. nbcnews.com, Sept 6: "Public policy should not and does not support allowing physicians to try 'any' type of treatment on human beings," the judge wrote. Read more

Health officials "keeping a very close eye" on COVID-19 Mu variant. cbsnews.com, Sept 3: As the Delta variant of COVID-19 continues its deadly sweep across the U.S., officials say that they are keeping a "very close eye" on a new variant that may be able to bypass existing coronavirus antibodies. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on Thursday that the U.S. is taking the variant, dubbed Mu, "very seriously," but that it hasn't taken an extensive hold in this country. Read more

Covid 19 coronavirus Delta outbreak: New Zealand's encouraging trend. nzherald.co.nz, Sept 3: Three of New Zealand's top Covid-19 experts say the diminishing number of Covid-19 cases announced today is a great sign as the nation attempts to battle its way out of lockdown. But celebrations over the downward trend this week should come with some strong caveats, they all warned, agreeing we're not at a place yet to consider loosening alert levels. "It's great - obviously very promising," microbiologist and science communicator Siouxsie Wiles said of today's announcement that there 28 new cases of Covid-19 in the community. Read more

Green platform promises big, largely uncosted social programs, end to fossil fuel industry. cbc.ca, Sept 7: Without holding a formal platform launch featuring party leader Annamie Paul, the Green Party of Canada has quietly released a series of largely uncosted promises for the 2021 election campaign. It proposes a new slate of social programs, such as universal pharmacare, dental care, an affordable childcare plan and free university on top of the cancellation of all student debt. Read more

Parties’ plans for long-term care don’t inspire experts. ipolitics.ca, Sept 7: For a few weeks in the last year and a half, Canada’s political class turned its attention to long-term-care homes while the country watched them fail in real time. Despite that, the solutions suggested by the major parties in this election have been misguided, unmeaningful, or unrealistic, and would fail to fix systemic problems that the pandemic exposed, say experts who spoke to iPolitics. Read more

NDP's Singh promises dental care coverage for families earning less than $90,000. ctvnews.ca, Sept 4: A one-per-cent tax on some of Canada's wealthiest residents would be enough to fund the start of a national dental care program, the leader of the federal NDP said Saturday as he filled in details on a key plank of his party's election platform. Read more

Singh renews pledge of federal dental care, says Liberals take Atlantic Canada for granted. cbc.ca, Sept 4 (Also reported in other news outlets such as Global News, The Toronto Star, The Hamilton Spectator, LarongeNOW, Lethbridge News Now): …Singh said the program would partly cover expenses of Canadians with an annual income of less than $90,000 per year, and fully cover people who earn less than $60,000 per year. In a news release, the NDP said the program would benefit 6.5 million Canadians and save the average family $1,200 in dental fees each year. Read more

Trudeau vows legal protection for businesses asking for proof of vaccination. globalnews.ca, Sept 6: The federal Liberals are promising legal protection for businesses asking for proof of COVID-19 vaccination from staff and customers. … He says his party will table legislation if re-elected that will ensure organizations can require immunization without fear of legal challenges. Read more

Conservatives and Liberals locked in a tie; TVA debate has limited impact. abacusdata.ca, Sept 7: ...If an election were held now, the Conservatives would win 32% of the vote (-1 from our last poll), the Liberals 32% (unchanged), the NDP 21% (unchanged), the Green Party 3% (unchanged) and the BQ at 31% in Quebec (unchanged). Read more

An estimated 17 Canadians die every day from an opioid overdose. Here’s how the federal political parties plan to tackle the crisis. thestar.com, Sept 7: Each day since the federal party leaders hit the campaign trail last month, an estimated 17 Canadians have died from an accidental drug overdose. And more than 21,000 Canadians died of accidental overdoses between 2016, when B.C. declared a public health emergency, and December 2020, according to statistics from the Public Health Agency of Canada. Read more

Inuit leader says federal election offers stark choices on reconciliation. cbc.ca, Sept 5: The president of the national body representing Inuit in Canada says continued progress with reconciliation hangs in the balance in this federal election. In an interview with CBC News, Natan Obed, who heads Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK), compares this moment to the 2005 campaign following the signing of the Kelowna Accord, a $5 billion plan to improve the lives of First Nations, Inuit and Métis. Read more

Many eligible Indigenous voters struggle with whether or not they will go to the polls. sootoday.com, Sept 6: The Native Women’s Association of Canada launched an aggressive campaign which aims to “activate Indigenous women from coast to coast to coast to get to the polls and have their voices heard." Read more

Canada’s next government should shift from reconciliation to decolonization and Indigenous self-determination. theconversation.com, Sept 6: As we begin to dig through the platforms of each major party in advance of the Sept. 20 election, we should also demand accountability for how quickly (or slowly) they are willing to move. Read more

FDA nears day of reckoning on e-cigarettes. politico.com, Sept 7: The agency is reviewing millions of applications from e-cigarette makers, and must decide by Sept. 9 whether their products are “appropriate for the protection of public health.” Read more

Medical community decries climate change as threat to public health. thehill.com, Sept 7: Rising global temperatures is a critical threat to public health, medical experts say in an open letter. Cosigned by the editorial staff of various medical journals, the letter calls for serious public investment in preventing climate change. They cite heat‑related health issues and loss of biodiversity as two major threats to public health. Read more

Plastic pollution: Could recycling PPE reduce the problem? bbc.com, Sept 7: It is estimated 129 billion single-use face masks are used every day around the world. The Welsh government has set a target on creating no waste in Wales by 2050 and a recycling expert wants the NHS to set an example by recycling PPE. One Welsh firm is now working to turn hospital waste into new masks with 65% recycled materials. Read more

HSE cyber-attack: Irish health service still recovering months after hack. bbc.com, Sept 5: The attack in May was unprecedented in the history of the Irish state, affecting almost every part of its healthcare system, already worn down by more than a year of fighting Covid-19. Read more

Concerns rise over U.K. flu outbreak amid vaccine delays. ctvnews.ca, Sept 4: One of the U.K.'s largest suppliers of seasonal influenza vaccines warned Saturday that there could be delivery delays of up to two weeks as a result of a shortage of truck drivers. Read more

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