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Dentists Vaccinators: How Did the First Shifts Go?

Dr. Joel Antel and Dr. Bruce Yaholnitsky joined Dr. John O'Keefe and I to tell us about their experiences to date, administering COVID-19 vaccines in Winnipeg and Calgary.

Here are some highlights of the conversations:

  • Dentists have been welcomed among the ranks of personnel administering vaccines in Manitoba and Alberta.
  • Dr. Antel describes the training he had (5 hours online, followed by an exam, and then a further 3 hours face-to-face) and he says he felt very well prepared to participate.
  • They recount their impressions of a well-oiled machine at the vaccination centres, and they are looking forward to helping more. They both remind us that this is a long-haul project and one where all efforts should be put together for the benefit of all.
  • They believe that other professions can also be recruited (e.g. veterinarians), and they are convinced that dentists represent a talent pool across the country that could advance the pace of the vaccination strategy considerably.
  • All dentists can play a role encouraging people to get vaccinated by focusing on the science behind the project. They are proud of the posters and leaflets, promoting vaccination, recently provided to dentists by CDA and the provincial dental associations.

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Until next time!
Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager

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  1. Olga Rodrigues May 1, 2021

    Please, share the vaccine posters with the ODA, so we, dentists in Ontario, could post them in our offices as well.
    Thank you!


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