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Can Teledentistry Ease Access to Oral Care?

Access to care remains one of the most pressing issues in dental care. At the same time, there are many efforts to develop and implement novel and creative ways to facilitate the provision of care; one of them is the work of the American Teledentistry Association which launched in December 2017. I have invited Dr. Mark Ackerman, the Executive Director or this newly established association to tell us about the role of the association in helping patients access oral care more easily. 

Dr. Ackerman is the Director of Orthodontics at Boston Children’s Hospital and an assistant professor of developmental biology at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in dentistry, orthodontics, and professional ethics. Dr. Ackerman’s monograph, Enhancement Orthodontics: Theory and Practice, was released in 2007 by Blackwell-Wiley. He is a co-recipient of the 2004 B.F. and Helen E. Dewel Award from the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, which is given annually to the highest-rated clinical research article published in the previous year. Dr. Ackerman was the Editor-in-Chief of Special Care in Dentistry Journal from 2013-2016 and concentrated on increasing access to care for vulnerable populations. He co-authored a second book with Dr. Benjamin Burris, Straighter: The Rules of Orthodontics in 2017.

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The mission of the American Teledentistry Association (ATDA) is to increase access to dental care through advocacy for and the implementation of innovative teledentistry guidelines and solutions.


  • Listens to patients; gives them a voice and speaks up for them when it really matters. Everything ATDA does is with the patients’ interests in mind.
  • Supports dental health providers, employs innovative technologies that increase access to patients who might otherwise not seek dental care.
  • Welcomes innovation and evolution, understands that technologies are always changing, and aims to stay ahead of the trends to best serve patients and members. ATDA champions teledentistry as a growing industry, and is committed to remaining at the forefront of it.
  • Focuses on making change for the better, understands that adequate dental health is important and personal, so ATDA advocates for patients to ensure they get access to quality, affordable care.

Access the American Teledentistry Association’s Website

Read and download the position paper on Teleorthodontics: Teleorthodontics And Doctor directed At Home Clear Aligner Treatment: An American Association Of Teledentistry Position Paper (PDF)

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