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What do you do when the coroner’s office calls?

Case Scenario

You are about to head to your operatory to start a molar endo case, when the receptionist tells you that the Coroner’s Office is on the line and the person at the other end wants to speak to you as a matter of urgency. Thinking it unusual, you pick up the receiver – “all ears.”

The person at the other end of the line identifies himself as an agent at the Coroner’s office and tells you that skeletal remains have recently been located and the police suspect they are of a young man who probably died as a result of foul play approximately 10 years ago. Police are seeking to make a positive identification as soon as possible.

The Coroner’s office wants you to provide “useful dental records” for a person who they believe had been a patient of yours at one stage. As you listen intently, your mind is racing, and the first thing that comes to mind is “I wonder if I still have records for this young person, who I cannot remember at all.”

What do you do next?

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Dr. John O’Keefe
Director, Knowledge Networks, CDA


Full Conversation (15.06″)




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  1. Dr. Larry Stanleigh May 6, 2018

    this is a great interview. Thank-you


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