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Misplaced tooth #1.3

Clinical Cases Update: How would you design the surgical flap for this case? The ectopic canine

Ian Furst, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Coronation Dental Specialty Group The solution we used; The consensus from the comments is that most would have waited for the tooth to erupt.  In this case, the orthodontist had asked that tooth 1.4 be extracted and the 1.3 be further exposed and bonded.  Because we are a multi-disciplinary practice, I had the luxury of having the periodontist I work with take a look as well.  Both of us were concerned that tooth 1.3 would develop recession on traction.  Because there would be a good band of keratinized tissue between 1.3 and the extraction site of 1.4, I ...

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How was that case with the missing 2.2 treated?

Last month, JCDA OASIS and ITI, initiated Phase 1 of a joint treatment planning challenge pilot project. Just over 100 colleagues had agreed to participate in this exercise and many gave us feedback on a completely anonymous basis. For Phase 2 of the project, We have placed links below to a representative sample of the inputs we got from over 50 Canadian dentists to the following 3 principal questions: Q 1: What further information is needed to create a treatment plan?  Question 1 Input Q 2: What range of options would you present to the patient?  Question 2 Input Q 3: ...

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