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View from the Chairside: Comprehensive Management of Restorative Endeavour of a Patient with a Cleft Lip and Palate

It is always a pleasure to welcome Dr. Paul Belzycki, general dentist from Toronto, who volunteered a number of clinical cases that will be presented on Oasis Discussions. Dr. Belzycki’s experience spans over 38 years of clinical practice in which he treated several complex cases that have required a combination of periodontal, endodontic, and prosthodontic treatments.  Dr. Belzycki shared his thoughts about the art and science of dentistry in a previous post that you can view by following this link. I hope you find the case presentation valuable. Should you wish to ask Dr. Belzycki a question or to share ...

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Conversation with Dr. Howard Farran: Why Did You Build Dentaltown?

Highlights Dr. Howard Farran spoke to Dr. Suham Alexander about the inspiration behind the creation of Dentaltown and the ensuing formation of the “Townie” community. Dentaltown was originally created to encourage dentists to communicate with one another, share information and discuss cases simulating an online study club. The community has grown substantially to include ~ 250,000 dentists and has searchable information on most disciplines in dentistry as well as business and marketing information. As Dentaltown has evolved over the years, the goal of this community forum has been to create community and transfer knowledge from mentors and experts in dentistry. ...

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From the Chairside: The Art and Science of Dentistry: Days of Reflection

This is not a customary CDA Oasis post. Although this feature presentation is about the practice of dentistry, the post is more reflective in nature than based on a clinical inquiry. The idea started when Dr. Paul Belzycki agreed to collaborate with us on a series of posts in which he shares his extensive experience treating complex dental cases. Dr. Belzycki considered it helpful to share his own philosophy on the profession of dentistry; how he became a dentist, how he acquired his knowledge, solidified his clinical experience, and why dentistry for him is an amalgamation of art and science. ...

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What is the impact of emerging radiographic technologies on cumulative patient ionizing radiation exposure?

(Content under development) The following question was submitted by a practising dentist: I have seen an exponential growth in the marketing of CBCT to dentists (shouldn’t we ALL have one?), and have seen an emerging trend of dentists using them to reverse engineer pans etc. Most recently, an advert came across my desk where bitewings engineered from a pan are the answer. What is the impact of emerging radiographic technologies on cumulative patient ionizing radiation exposure? JCDA Editorial Consultants Drs Ernie Lam of the University of Toronto, Garnet Packota of the University of Saskatchewan and Elaine Orpe of Vancouver provided these ...

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