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March 26, 2013

March 26, 2013

This bulletin updates you on JCDA Clinical Q&A, and JCDA Oasis Mobile

Are you concerned about mandibular blocks in patients taking anticoagulants?

Dr. Jason Goodchild provided a quick initial response to the question submitted by a general dentist For patients on anticoagulant therapy, a careful review of the medical history including consultation with the patient’s physician is warranted. Continue…

Can an avulsed permanent incisor be immediately replanted?

This Urgent Care Scenario (USC) is presented by the JCDA Oasis Team in collaboration with Dr. Mike Casas and is also available through JCDA Oasis Mobile The immediate replantation of an avulsed permanent incisor is to be performed on suitable avulsed incisors with extra-alveolar time of less than 5 minutes. Continue…

Are there any tooth-coloured materials that are free of BPA and estrogen-mimicking agents?

Dr. Omar El-Mowafy, Professor and Head of the Restorative Dentistry at the University of Toronto, provided a quick initial response to the question submitted by a general dentist Tooth-colored restorations that are Bisphenol-A-free would automatically exclude almost all resin composite restoratives and their corresponding bonding agents. Continue…

How is the “Dahl appliance” used in the treatment of severely worn maxillary anterior teeth prior to reconstruction?

Dr. Effrat Habsha, from Prosthodontic Associates offered a quick initial response to the question submitted by a general dentist The Dahl Concept refers to the relative axial tooth movement that is observed when a localized appliance or localized restorations are placed in supra-occlusion and the occlusion re-establishes full arch contacts over a period of time. Continue…

How and when is epinephrine used as a vasoconstrictor in local anesthetics?

This Prescription Drug Consult is presented by the JCDA Oasis Team and is also available through JCDA Oasis Mobile Epinephrine is used as an emergency drug for treatment of anaphylactic reaction and a vasoconstrictor to decrease systemic absorption of local anesthetics and to increase the duration of anesthetic action. Continue…

Is there a really good way to brush the teeth of very young children?

This great resource is presented by Dr. John O’Keefe With the reported rise in incidence of early childhood caries in North America in recent times, dental professional organizations are re-doubling efforts to encourage parents to bring children for a dental visit by the first birthday. Continue…

Is there a truly great online resource for the management of dental trauma cases?

This great resource is presented by Dr. John O’Keefe Can there be many more stressful occasions during a busy day at your office than when an emergency dental trauma case shows up unexpectedly requiring immediate treatment? Continue…

We are pleased to present Dr. Thomas Shackleton, DDS, a major contributor to our JCDA Oasis Mobile clinical content. Dr. Shackelton developed numerous consults for medical conditions that have an impact on dental treatment, such as Cardiac Stents, Coronary Disease, Chronic Heart failure, Migraine Headaches, Osteoradionecrosis, Panic Disorder, and many more. These are also medical conditions that have been identified by dentists as most frequently encountered in their practice.

Dr. Thomas Shackleton, DDS, operates a Calgary-based private practice. He is a graduate of Northwestern University Dental School and a member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon. In 1998, he presented with a colleague their research on immediate implant placement at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting. Dr. Shackleton is currently a resident in the University of Southern California Orofacial Pain & Oral Medicine department. These medical condition consults will be added to the JCDA Oasis Mobile in April 2013.

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