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December 3 2013

December 3rd, 2013   

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University of Montreal School of Dentistry’s First Post on Oasis Discussions

We are pleased to present the first post by the School of Dentistry at the University of Montreal School on opioids misuse and the role of dentist in curbing addiction to pain medication. Read the post

We look forward to having each school of dentistry in Canada as a contributor on Oasis Discussions.

An Invitation from Dr. Peter Doig, President of the Canadian Dental Association (CDA)

In 2014, the CDA national convention will be hosted by the Manitoba Dental Association in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am delighted to invite you to my home province to attend this stellar event. For me, there is no place like home. I hope that you too can experience your "home away from home" in wonderful Winnipeg this January.

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Visit the CDA-MDA Convention Website


CDA Knowledge Networks News (KNN)!

Make sure you keep up to date about important new developments in the world of dentistry. Read the latest News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks.


Call for Survey

Dr. Marc-Olivier Aucoin, a graduate Orthodontics Resident from the University of Manitoba, is seeking colleagues’ support to complete an online survey for his masters’ thesis. Valuable prizes are available as a thank you for your participation.

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Complete the online survey


Misuse of opioid pain medication in dentistry: Fact or fiction?

Derived from the Chronic Orofacial Pain Workshop of the Network for Canadian Oral Health Research, IMHA, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Montreal, November 2013

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Effective Use of Dental Curing Lights: A Guide for the Dental Practitioner

On October 10th 2013, the Government of Canada and 91 other countries signed the Minamata Convention on mercury that will ultimately end the use of mercury, worldwide. This will mean a phase down in the use of dental amalgam and an increase in the use of alternative restorative materials, such as light cured resins.

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November Veterans’ Month and Canada’s Military Dental Service

November is Veteran’s month and a time to remember Canada’s soldiers, sailors and air personnel, and reflect upon their deeds and sacrifices made on behalf of all Canadians.

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How do you treat an oral infection in a patient with a history of C. Difficile?

Dr. Dan Haas, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto, provided a quick and initial response to a question submitted by a general dentist

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Why are flowable resin-based composites so popular?

This summary is based on article published in the Journal of the American Dental Association Perspectives-Observations (December 2013)

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How do American dentists perceive leadership in their profession?

This summary is based on the article published in the Journal of the American Dental Association: Dentists’ leadership-related perceptions, values, experiences and behavior. Results of a national survey (December 2013) 

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Are local anesthetics still controversial for patients taking oral anticoagulants?

This summary is based on the article published in the British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Safety of local anaesthesia in dental patients taking oral anticoagulants: is it still controversial? (January 2012)

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Is noise-induced hearing loss a critical issue for Canadian dentists?

By Dr. John O’Keefe. I write having just participated in a meeting of the CDA Committee on Clinical and Scientific Affairs where one of the agenda items related to the occupational health and safety of dentists.

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Important Note

Get involved with Oasis Help! We invite individuals and groups of general dentists, dental specialists, physicians and pharmacists, to join our project as authors, reviewers, and content and translation advisors. Email us at oasishelp@cda-adc.ca


Solitary Gingival Lesion in an Adolescent
Dr. Catherine Grenier et al.

Although rare, solitary gingival lymphatic malformations should be an integral part of the differential diagnosis of vesicular gingival lesions.

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Plugged In: Advice for Windows XP Users

It feels like it’s 1999 all over again. How can we forget the Y2K problem, when the world faced a potential computing crisis because many computer programs abbreviated a 4-digit year with only 2 digits (i.e., 1975 represented as 75).

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Retirement Planning Advice for Dentists at All Stages

As a financial advisor, I speak to many dentists—ranging from those who are starting out to established practitioners—about their financial concerns. That is why I was not surprised to see that in a recent survey Canadian dentists identified saving for retirement as their most important personal financial goal.

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Visit our Oasis Discussions website to submit the most critical questions relating to your everyday practice. Or, call our toll-free line at 1-855-71-OASIS and leave us a message with your questions. We welcome a broad range of questions about diagnosis and treatment, techniques, materials, instruments, and devices or therapeutic agents. We encourage you to send us your questions as they arise.

Our goal is to have JCDA Expert panellists answer your questions as quickly as possible and share them through our various channels of knowledge translation.

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