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Does deep periodontal pocket disinfection with a soft tissue diode laser work?

(Content under development) The following question was submitted by a practising dentist: What clinical evidence is available for the efficacy of deep periodontal pocket disinfection with a soft tissue diode laser? What protocols are proven and recommended in terms of frequency of treatment? JCDA Editorial Consultant Dr. Debora Matthews of Dalhousie University provided this initial response for consideration:  There are two issues related to this question. The first is, does a soft tissue diode laser disinfect periodontal pockets (pocket disinfection therapy, or PDT)? The more important question, however, is whether diode lasers provide any additional clinical benefit over traditional scaling ...

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How was that case with the missing 2.2 treated?

Last month, JCDA OASIS and ITI, initiated Phase 1 of a joint treatment planning challenge pilot project. Just over 100 colleagues had agreed to participate in this exercise and many gave us feedback on a completely anonymous basis. For Phase 2 of the project, We have placed links below to a representative sample of the inputs we got from over 50 Canadian dentists to the following 3 principal questions: Q 1: What further information is needed to create a treatment plan?  Question 1 Input Q 2: What range of options would you present to the patient?  Question 2 Input Q 3: ...

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Managing the patient claiming to be allergic to dental materials

I recently sent the following message to the members of the JCDA Restorative Dentistry Expert Panel Question A lady called the CDA office today distraught because she has called 21 dental offices seeking treatment, and all have refused her. She tells us that she is allergic to 9 different materials using in dental offices. She claims that because of the complications she would present to a general dental office, they are refusing to treat her.   Do you have any advice that we could give her please? Is there any practical “next steps” advice that we can pass on to ...

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