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Mind Your Business

CDA Oasis Conversations: Dental Staff Computer Use: Safe Practices with Anne Genge

Anne Genge, CEO and Co-founder of Healthcare Compliance Network Inc., is back with Dr. John O’Keefe to speak about the importance of regulating staff computer use in order to safekeep your practice’s computer systems and network.         Watch the video interview  

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EBook: Define your identity through your office design

This content is provided by Pelton & Crane The decision to build or redesign your dental practice is one of the most important decisions — and biggest investments — of your career. It will affect your efficiency, productivity, patient relations and your enjoyment of a prosperous and healthy dental career. Undertaking this project is a major endeavor. Download the ebook (PDF) Regardless of your ability, your success does not depend solely on your dental diagnostic and treatment skills, but rather on your perceived competence as viewed from your patients’ perspective. “It’s difficult to believe you can win the Indianapolis 500 ...

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CDA Oasis Conversations: What should you look for in a banker?

James Pelletier, VP Health Care at the Royal Bank of Canada, spoke with Dr. Suham Alexander about what dentists should look for when choosing to work with a bank or a financial institution for their personal and professional needs. Interview Highlights Each “stage” in the life cycle of the dentist from dental student through retirement will have specific needs that become increasingly complex with regards to financial requirements. The financial institution that a dental professional chooses must understand the dental industry as well as the opportunities and challenges one is presented with along the way. While product offerings and pricing structures ...

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CDA Oasis Conversations: Which alternative is best: to buy or open a practice?

David Chong Yen, from DCY Professional Corporation of Chartered Accountants, comes back to talk with Dr. Suham Alexander about the suitability of one of two alternatives: buy or open a dental practice.  Interview Highlights At some point in their career, most dentists make the decision to own and operate their own practice. However, sometimes, the bigger decision lies in whether they should buy an existing dental practice or open a practice from scratch. In this video, David Chong Yen, DCY Professional Corporation Chartered Accountants, discusses three different scenarios and the rationale behind each dentist’s choice.  The basic decision-making framework involves evaluating ...

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Computer vulnerabilities are real and a serious threat to the livelihood of your practice!

Dentists are remarkable individuals with much to offer and share with fellow dentists. In this section, which we call the “Masked Dentist”, we present real-life stories in the hope of shedding some light on the most commonly encountered issues in clinical dentistry and the delivery of dental care. These stories are presented by dentists of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences.  If you have an experience that could be a valuable experience for your colleagues, please be generous and consider sharing it with us and your colleagues on Oasis Discussions. We encourage you to send your stories through email, phone or by uploading ...

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Embracing the infant first visit – one GP dentist’s experience

By Dr. John O’Keefe When I sat in the waiting room at the office of Dr. Janet Leith of Ottawa for my recall visit recently, the first thing I noticed was the prominently featured CDA poster informing patients that her dental office encourages parents to bring their children for a first dental visit by age one. At the end of my visit, I sat and asked Janet  about when she had incorporated this approach into her practice, what trepidation she had prior to adopting it, how she used it as a practice building strategy and what sort of benefits she ...

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CDA Oasis Conversations: What should you look for in a lawyer?

Karin Pagé spoke with Dr. Suham Alexander about the most important elements in hiring a lawyer for your dental practice. Karin Pagé practices civil litigation and international and domestic arbitration at Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall. She has exceptional experience in corporate governance and executive management in the health care industry. She served as a panellist at the 2010 Canadian Council on International Law and the 2011 Canadian International Law Students’ Conference and presented at the accredited Civil Litigation Practice conference. She has participated as a moot court judge at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law and has had several articles published ...

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8 Secrets to Growing your Practice: A Breakthrough Blueprint

Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH and President of rdhu.ca, is presenting a series of 3 webinars on the best kept secrets to grow your dental practice. In this post, we feature a video of the first webinar: 8 Secrets to Growing your Practice: A Breakthrough Blueprint.  Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH has brought engaging energy to the dental profession for the last 30 years. Kathleen is the founder of D-Sharp Dental Instruments, rdhu, RDH Portfolio Manager and QA Coach. Her vision is to help “Transform the Dental Hygiene Experience’ for the patient, the clinician and the dental practice.”  Kathleen’s “8 Simple Secrets” is a full-day workshop ...

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