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What are the 8 rules to keep your team motivated?

To build and keep an engaged and motivated team, practitioners and leaders within the team should lead by example in an environment of mutual respect. The rules of motivation can assist in keeping the team on track. Leaders must be motivated Enthusiastic leaders set the tone for the rest of the team and the practice’s culture. Be positive, have a “can do” attitude and give your own work 100%! Recruit team members that are also highly motivated New people can change the team’s dynamics. When you add team members to your team, make sure your new hires also shares your ...

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Kathleen Bokrossy (4)

8 Secrets to Growing your Practice: A Breakthrough Blueprint Webinar #2

Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH and President of rdhu.ca, is presenting a series of 3 webinars on the best kept secrets to grow your dental practice. In this post, we feature a video of the second webinar: 8 Secrets to Growing your Practice: A Breakthrough Blueprint.  Related post 8 Secrets to Growing your Practice: A Breakthrough Blueprint Highlights After customizing your message, you must WOW your patients. Patients’ experiences begin before they get to your office: Make it easy for patients to do business with you through positive experiences that start with their telephone interaction with your office. Ensure your office environment, including the ...

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What is the dentists’ legal responsibility to release dental records for deceased or missing persons?

This content is courtesy of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario‘s, Dispatch Magazine (May/June 2015) This information is specific to the province of Ontario. For more information on your local laws and regulrations, please contact your provincial regulatory authority.    Dental records may be required to identify human remains. This is usually when the manner of death or the condition of the body make it difficult to establish an identity by more typical methods, such as identification by family members or friends. Dental records may also be helpful in a missing person or criminal investigation. Of course, dentists wish ...

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Dental receptionist

How important is the role of your receptionist in overall patient experience?

While all dental team members interact and communicate with patients, we may, at times, underestimate the essential role our receptionist(s) play in our practices. Research shows that although patients do not visit the dental office to see the receptionist, the attitude of the receptionist impacts the overall satisfaction of the patient’s experience and can affect patient retention. Today’s patients base their customer experiences on those of retail, financial and service industries. The following tips will assist receptionists enhance their interactions and as a result, patient experiences in the dental office. Create the right first impression Ensure the waiting area is ...

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Communication in Dentistry

Oasis Resource: What are the common complaints and how could you avoid them?

This content is courtesy of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, Dispatch Magazine (May/June 2015) Improved communication is one step that can go a long way to help resolve patient concerns and potentially avoid a complaint ever being filed. Here are some tips on how to avoid four of the most common concerns seen in the complaints arena, regarding communications issues. “The dentist never warned me this could happen!” One of the most common complaints arises when complications occur during a procedure or when a dental treatment subsequently fails. An endodontic instrument separates and can’t be removed. A ...

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CDA Oasis Conversations: Dental Staff Computer Use: Safe Practices with Anne Genge

Anne Genge, CEO and Co-founder of Healthcare Compliance Network Inc., is back with Dr. John O’Keefe to speak about the importance of regulating staff computer use in order to safekeep your practice’s computer systems and network.         Watch the video interview  

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EBook: Define your identity through your office design

This content is provided by Pelton & Crane The decision to build or redesign your dental practice is one of the most important decisions — and biggest investments — of your career. It will affect your efficiency, productivity, patient relations and your enjoyment of a prosperous and healthy dental career. Undertaking this project is a major endeavor. Download the ebook (PDF) Regardless of your ability, your success does not depend solely on your dental diagnostic and treatment skills, but rather on your perceived competence as viewed from your patients’ perspective. “It’s difficult to believe you can win the Indianapolis 500 ...

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Banker's image

CDA Oasis Conversations: What should you look for in a banker?

James Pelletier, VP Health Care at the Royal Bank of Canada, spoke with Dr. Suham Alexander about what dentists should look for when choosing to work with a bank or a financial institution for their personal and professional needs. Interview Highlights Each “stage” in the life cycle of the dentist from dental student through retirement will have specific needs that become increasingly complex with regards to financial requirements. The financial institution that a dental professional chooses must understand the dental industry as well as the opportunities and challenges one is presented with along the way. While product offerings and pricing structures ...

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