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Featured Tim

How Important are Employee/Associate Contracts?

Timothy Brown, CEO of ROICorp, joins Dr. Suham Alexander to speak about the importance of employee and associate contracts in dentistry.  Highlights Contracts are important for the ongoing business of the practice and they help to avoid misunderstandings at the outset. The contracts package the rights and privilege of the employee and owner and helps to mitigate issues around termination. Additionally, when a business is appraised and is presented for sale, the purchaser and his/her advisors (banker, accountant, lawyer) generally view a practice more favourably if employee and associate contracts are already in place. Important elements of employee and associate ...

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Featured Miguel2

Tell It Like It Is: Positive Dentistry with Dr. Miguel Stanley

Two years ago, I invited Dr. Miguel Stanley for an interview about his participation in one of the international dental conferences. I very much enjoyed my talk with him then; and I did again, this time around, when I invited him to share his experience speaking about dentistry on the TED stage. There aren’t many TED talks about dentistry, so when I found his, I thought it should be featured as an incentive for other dentists to share their experiences and thoughts about dentistry on such a prominent stage!  Miguel is a renowned international dentist, speaker, author, and TV host. He ...

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Featured Anne

Understanding Phishing & Social Engineering in the Dental Practice

Anne Genge comes back to speak with Dr. Suham Alexander about the dangers of email phishing and how to avoid it in your office.   Resource 6 Tips for Your Dental Practice     

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Featured Ransomware

What Does the Latest Worldwide Cyber Attack Mean for You?

As the workweek begins, many are concerned about the spread of malicious software that seized hundreds of thousands of computer systems around the globe late last week. Anne Genge comes back to tell us more about the nature of the attack, what it means for Canadian dentists and the best ways to protect your practice from these cyber attacks.   Refresher on Ransomware Additional Oasis Resources Ransomware – An update with Anne Genge Dental Staff Computer Use: Safe Practices The Impact of Human Error on the Practice’s Systems and Processes Privacy Policies, Documents, and Procedures Backup Essentials for Dental Practices ...

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Featured Tim

How Important is Cashflow for the Dental Practice?

Tim Brown explains why “cash is King” in this video interview with Dr. Suham Alexander. Cash flow helps to determine the value of a practice and its debt-serviceability. In short, cash flow directly impacts its sale price. However, cash flow varies according to the stage or life cycle of the dental practice. Early on, especially as a start-up, a dental practice may cash flow negatively due to large initial investments in equipment and supplies. Between 5 to 10 years, it is not uncommon for a practice to cash flow upwards of 15-20% of revenues and even as high as 35%. ...

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Featured Meg

CE Showcase ASM2017: Bring It On – Strategies to Create a Positive Workplace

Dr. Suham Alexander met with Meg Soper, motivational speaker, to talk about her lecture at the upcoming #ASM150: Bring It On – Strategies to Create a Positive Workplace. Highlights This high-energy and interactive presentation offers a lighthearted look at the stresses we face as health professionals. It will tackle such issues as life balance, effective communication, managing conflict and dealing with different personalities and generations in the workplace. Through laughter and interactive energy, people come away with a better understanding of each other’s challenges and unique qualities. Whether it is patient or internal communication, you will leave armed with practical strategies ...

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Featured Mark

CE Showcase ASM2017: Ask and Ye Shall Receive! The Art of Getting To “Yes”

Dr. Suham Alexander met with Dr. Mark Hyman, adjunct full-time professor at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, to talk about her lecture at the upcoming #ASM150: Ask and Ye Shall Receive! The Art of Getting To “Yes” Highlights Most people never receive optimal care because no one ever asked! Your team’s skill, talent and abilities are wasted if the patient doesn’t say “Yes.” Learn the 10 characteristics of super dental teams and the 10 steps to hearing “Yes” every time. Discover the five questions you must answer and the five keys to effective listening. Bring back to your ...

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Featured Jos

CE Showcase ASM2017: Advertising in Dentistry: Ethical Perspectives

It was a pleasure for me to speak with Dr. Jos Welie, Professor in the Center for Health Policy and Ethics at Creighton University, in Omaha. In an era where social and digital media are becoming too mainstream, and with heightened competition, where does advertising  in dentistry stand and does it succeed the ethics test? Dr. Welie is a speaker at #ASM150 and his lecture will be presented along with Drs. Speers and Quiñonez and is titled: Advertising in Dentistry: Ethical Perspectives. Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager   Highlights Why is advertising (as opposed to simply informing patients) an ethically ...

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