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Pediatric Dentistry

Can An Avulsed Permanent Incisor Be Immediately Replanted?

This Urgent Care Scenario (USC) is presented by the JCDA Oasis Team in collaboration with Dr. Mike Casas from the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Toronto. It is also available through JCDA Oasis Mobile The immediate replantation of an avulsed permanent incisor is to be performed on suitable avulsed incisors with extra-alveolar time of less than 5 minutes (to avoid reduced predictability of periodontal healing). Dentists who have the occasion of performing immediate replantation likely witnessed the traumatic injury or arrived at the scene immediately after the injury that produced the avulsion. Presentation Missing incisor tooth after ...

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Is there a really good way to brush the teeth of very young children?

With the reported rise in incidence of early childhood caries in North America in recent times, dental professional organizations are re-doubling efforts to encourage parents to bring children for a dental visit by the first birthday. For many children, caries is a largely preventable disease, and I have always found it really sad to see a mouthful of cavities in the mouths of young children, especially when simple measures can have a profound impact on preventing the disease in young children. A colleague that I respect very much pointed me to a neat resource the other day that demonstrates how to brush the teeth of very ...

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Is there a truly great online resource for the management of dental trauma cases?

Can there be many more stressful occasions during a busy day at your office than when an emergency dental trauma case shows up unexpectedly requiring immediate treatment? You are already running behind and the patient (and often the parent) is crying and upset. You don’t deal with this type of case every day, and you are concerned about putting a foot wrong “under the spotlight.” What do you do next? Having consulted with some eminent experts in the field of pediatric dentistry, I have no hesitation in recommending the Dental Trauma Guide website to you as an excellent “at the fingertips” resource ...

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