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oasisimage of the Week: What would you do with these highly impacted canines?

We’re adding a new feature this week called “Image of the Week”. Each Wednesday, an image (some xrays, some clinical shots and some random stuff) will be posted to the blog. In each case, a question will be posed, the answer to which will appear in the comments section a day or two later. Enjoy the video and please participate in the discussion. In this case, an 11 year old girl presents with unerupted 1.3 and 2.3. The height of them, on panorex, is extraordinary and you decide to get a cone beam CT. See the CT below and tell ...

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Clinical Case: Why is tooth #2.3 rotated & malformed?

From Dr. Milan Madhavji of Canaray Oral Radiology and Dr. Ian Furst of Coronation Dental Specialty Group A 23 year old female presents for orthodontic consultation regarding tooth #2.3 which is rotated and has a crown that appears mildly deformed.  See the 1st video below for a panorex and CT with 3D reformatting. The 2nd video has the answer and/or you can download the PDF radiology report. This link contains the final radiology report QUESTION VIDEO ANSWER VIDEO

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