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The masked Dentist: Give a Little, Get a Lot! Your Contribution Matters

By Dr. John O’Keefe Recently, I was invited to attend an open house to mark the opening of a new specialist dental office. It was a joyful occasion with the young specialist playing gracious host to colleagues and those who had helped to get his practice set-up. It certainly is a very impressive set-up with plenty of space for expansion on a prudent basis over time. After engaging in conversation for a while, I peeled away from the crowd and walked around the office to have a good look at the systems in the office. When I walked into the ...

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Dr. Sean Kelly on “Cuddles the Cat”

Surely writing a book is no easy endeavour! That’s what Dr. Sean kelly from B.C. tells Dr. John O’Keefe in this great conversation. Watch this interview and get inspired! Interview Highlights In this interview, Dr. Sean Kelly discusses his new and unique two-in-one children’s book titled “Cuddles the Cat Goes to the Dentist”.  The book has a fun, rhyming children’s story that teaches children about dental care through two cats, Cuddles and Bob.  In the second part of the book, Dr. Kelly answers a number of frequently asked questions he has been asked over the years related to dental care.  The ...

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In the words of the Masked Dentist: Funny Denture Patients’ Stories

By Dr. John O’Keefe Prologue I recently spoke to a dental colleague who has just retired and we were talking fondly of denture patients we had seen over the years and how some clinical experiences bring back a smile (when thinking of them in hindsight). Here are a few short vignettes that he recounted to me. In the words of this “Masked Dentist” “I did an extern in the North in the late 70s between my 3rd and 4th year in dental school. It was with a dentist (let’s call him Bill) who is to this day a real hero of ...

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Here is how I manage children in my practice!

By Dr. Gillian Smith I am a dentist based in Ireland and I am a general dentist with post-graduate qualifications in conscious sedation, so having a scared child in the chair is a  scenario I deal with everyday. In my view, the first visit is the most important one. I do not do any treatment that day. The parent is advised about this on the phone and asked to tell their child that they are going to meet the dentist and show her their teeth. We have lots of positive story books and teddies with teeth in the waiting room. Parents are ...

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Computer vulnerabilities are real and a serious threat to the livelihood of your practice!

Dentists are remarkable individuals with much to offer and share with fellow dentists. In this section, which we call the “Masked Dentist”, we present real-life stories in the hope of shedding some light on the most commonly encountered issues in clinical dentistry and the delivery of dental care. These stories are presented by dentists of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences.  If you have an experience that could be a valuable experience for your colleagues, please be generous and consider sharing it with us and your colleagues on Oasis Discussions. We encourage you to send your stories through email, phone or by uploading ...

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Embracing the infant first visit – one GP dentist’s experience

By Dr. John O’Keefe When I sat in the waiting room at the office of Dr. Janet Leith of Ottawa for my recall visit recently, the first thing I noticed was the prominently featured CDA poster informing patients that her dental office encourages parents to bring their children for a first dental visit by age one. At the end of my visit, I sat and asked Janet  about when she had incorporated this approach into her practice, what trepidation she had prior to adopting it, how she used it as a practice building strategy and what sort of benefits she ...

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Work the World: Broadening Health Care Students’ Horizons

By Ashley Sutton, Nursing student at the University of Ottawa   Work the World works closely with partner hospitals and the local community, supporting them with financial and equipment donationsthat. The organization crafts tailored internships in developing countries for health care students in the fields of dentistry, medicine, physical therapy, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, midwifery and radiology. Earlier this summer, I left the comfort of my Ottawa home to do a nursing internship with Work the World in the Philippines. Well aware of the precarious conditions of the hospitals I’d be working at during my stay, we contacted the Henry Schein Cares ...

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Dr. John O’Keefe on Taking an Oasis Moment

Dr. John O’Keefe, Director of Knowledge Networks at the Canadian Dental Association, speaks about a new CDA Oasis concept: the “Oasis Moment.” With dentists being so busy during the clinical day, one member of the dental team can be designated to routinely take an Oasis Moment to check the latest on CDA Oasis and share interesting new knowledge with their colleagues. It also only takes a Moment to share a question, a comment, a photo or a video, through our Upload your Content feature.          Watch the video  

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