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Professional Issues

Super Dentistry: How to increase efficiency and productivity in general dentistry?

This summary is based on the article published by Dental Economics: Increasing efficiency and productivity in general dentistry (October 2013) By Dr. Guy Gross “Super” dentistry: “By offering patients expanded options, we go above and beyond the usual scope of general dentistry, striving toward our goals of clinical excellence while keeping patients in-house and increasing productivity.” “We use cone beam 3-D imaging to help us reach our goals with increased precision and confidence.” It offers a thorough analysis of bone structure, bone volume, and tooth orientation. For implants, software allows to see if the implant can be placed in its optimal ...

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From the trenches: How to “dodge the bullet” and make the right diagnosis?

This case was submitted by Dr. Ron Kellen  This situation occurred about 20 years ago. My office was in a plaza, on the second floor, requiring 26 steps to access it, with no elevator. At about 2 PM on a weekday, a 60-year-old male patient presented in our office as an emergency case with a terrible toothache. He pointed to his broken 35. On his medical questionnaire, he indicated that he had a little bit of high blood pressure and that he sometimes would get out of breath. He was taking medication once a day for blood pressure, but he ...

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New CDA Position Statement on Dental Patients with Total Joint Replacement

In June 2013, CDA adopted a new position statement on dental patients with total joint replacement. The Committee on Clinical and Scientific Affairs (CCSA) reviewed clinical evidence, including a thorough systematic review of the literature conducted by the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) which was conducted in 2011. Preamble The issue of whether patients with orthopedic implants, primarily total hip and knee replacements, are prone to implant infection from routine dental procedures via hematogenous seeding of the implant from dental-procedure-related bacteremia has been a controversial topic for dentists, physicians and patients alike. Background ...

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Practice leader: how do you build a good team?

This summary is based on the article published in Dental Economics: Leading the practice team to success (August 2013) Many excellent dentists struggle with their responsibilities as leaders, especially in the area of team management. Contending with reality The team is usually made up of front desk coordinators who usually have no formal training and of dental assistants and hygienists who have clinical training, but typically have no training in the practice management aspects of their jobs. Even when dentists hire office managers, they may lack formal training or experience relevant to dental practice operations. This is the reality for ...

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Marketing: where to begin?

This summary is based on the article published in Dental Economics: Marketing-where to begin? (August 2013) Many factors determine whether a business can be successful in a particular area, such as demographics, socioeconomic status, major employers, competition, insurance participation, and demand for services. As any other dentist, you want to grow your practice and feel the need to apply some “fertilizer” in the form of marketing, but you don’t know which fertilizer to use. I recommend that you start with some very deliberate internal marketing fertilizer: Customer Service. Here are some wonderful internal marketing methods that are cheap and effective: Recognition ...

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Can we do anything about the looming oral health care crisis in Canadian Long-Term Care facilities?

If we are to believe an article that appeared recently in the New York Times titled “In Nursing Homes, An Epidemic of Poor Oral Hygiene”, many of the oral health care needs of residents of long term care facilities (LTCs) in the US are not being met. It is probably fair to assume that many of the same needs are going unmet in Canada In order to find out what the Canadian Dental Association is doing about this looming “epidemic” in Canada, I spoke recently with Dr. Mitch Taillon, a member of the CDA Board of Directors, who also chairs ...

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