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featured janet

Dr. Janet Leith on her Presidency of the Ottawa Dental Society

It was a great opportunity for me to meet Dr. Janet Leith in person at our CDA headquarters. Dr. Leith is the immediate past president of the Ottawa Dental Society and she joined me to tell me about her experience leading the ODS board of directors.  Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager    

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Featured Miguel2

Tell It Like It Is: Positive Dentistry with Dr. Miguel Stanley

Two years ago, I invited Dr. Miguel Stanley for an interview about his participation in one of the international dental conferences. I very much enjoyed my talk with him then; and I did again, this time around, when I invited him to share his experience speaking about dentistry on the TED stage. There aren’t many TED talks about dentistry, so when I found his, I thought it should be featured as an incentive for other dentists to share their experiences and thoughts about dentistry on such a prominent stage!  Miguel is a renowned international dentist, speaker, author, and TV host. He ...

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Featured Tim

Expenditures with the Most Return On Investment

During #ASM150, Dr. Suham Alexander spoke with Timothy A. Brown, CEO ROI Corporation, about expenditures in the dental practice that yield maximum return on investment.  We hope you enjoy the conversation!    

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Featured NSDA

Childhood Oral Health: Nova Scotia 2017 Oral Health Report

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Dr. Carla Sherman, Chair of the Oral Health Promotions Committee at the Nova Scotia Dental Association, and Dr. Jeff Bonang, President of NSDA.  we invited them on Oasis Discussions to tell us about the newly released Childhood Oral Health report which contains important information as well as a number of important recommendations on early childhood oral care. Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager Highlights Introducing good oral health habits early in life could mean Nova Scotia children will have better oral health, and better overall health, their whole lives. Early childhood caries (ECC), commonly known as ...

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Featured Survey

Oasis Survey on Complete Dentures

In collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and Lifelong Learning (L3) at the University of Alberta, Dr. Cheryl Cable, Prosthodontist and Associate Professor in the School of Dentistry, presents a survey on complete dentures. She is the Principal Investigator in a study that aims to compare real clinical dentistry done by successful private practice dentists to what is taught in academic institutions. The goal is to make the teaching environments reflective of successful practice techniques. Let’s set up our new graduates for success!  We at CDA Oasis are happy to collaborate with Dr. Cable and the University of Alberta ...

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The Prospect of a Cavity-Free Future with Dr. Nigel Pitts

Dr. Nigel Pitts spoke with Dr. John O’Keefe about the prospect of a cavity free future, a concept he presented to the Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry. Highlights The concept of a cavity-free future is pivotal to dentistry. There is evidence caries can be prevented by improving and changing what dental professionals can do. Much emphasis has been placed on early detection of caries using clinical detection, assessment and diagnostic treatment aids. Caries management is important from infancy through to adulthood/geriatric population. The ICDAS system stages dental caries. The goals of caries management are: Prevent new lesions from appearing. Prevent ...

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Featured Tim

What are leasehold improvements, what is their value, and why do they matter?

Timothy Brown speaks with Dr. Suham Alexander about leasehold improvements, their importance and more importantly, their hidden value. Highlights Leasehold improvements include both visible and invisible items such as flooring upgrades, paint, light fixtures to extra outlets, additional wiring for technology including computers and telephones. Traditionally, leasehold improvements were not counted in the value of the practice as landlords typically “owned” these improvements. However, in the 1970’s and 1980’s, ROI Management’s founder, Ray Brown, advocated for the inclusion of leasehold improvements in the appraisal value of a practice and succeeded. In general, leasehold improvements can range from $200-$250 per square ...

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Featured Noorein

Research Waste with Dr. Noorein Hajira

Dr. Noorein Hajira, resident in the Graduate Prosthodontics Program at the University of Toronto, spoke with Dr. John O’Keefe about the concept of Research Waste.  Highlights Research waste is a serious problem that may occur through several mechanisms. One aspect of research waste manifests when research articles addressing a topic exist but cannot be found readily by those who seek this information. Literature search may be hampered by inconsistent manner in which articles are indexed in databases. Search strategies must consider this inconsistency. Superficial literature search may not yield the desired information or the full scope of relevant articles. A good ...

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