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Knowledge Shared is Knowledge Amplified

You are invited to send us an email, video message, or leave us a voice message in which you tell us about a clinical or non-clinical pearl that you learned throughout your dental career and which made a difference for you.             And here is Dr. John O’Keefe…   Also, here is a good read: In a true sharing economy, the reward is gratitude

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International College of Dentists Student Award

The International College of Dentists (Canadian Section) presents Student Awards.   ICD Award presented to U of T student The Canadian Section of the International College of Dentists presents awards annually to students in their third year at 10 Dental Schools in Canada.  Recipients are selected based on their academic record, good character and participation in extra-curricular activities. Recently, the Award was presented to Ms. Cleo Sanmartin of the University of Toronto. www.icd-canada.org  

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Speroway to El Salvador

Speroway Canada conducts volunteer humanitarian missions in poorer countries around the world.   Speroway’s recent mission to  El Salvador Approximately 35% of El Salvador lives in extreme poverty with limited access to health care, clean water and education.  Children are often the most affected by the lack of dental care and caries affects their ability to eat properly. Caries related pain can prevent children from advancing at school and adults from working productively.  In El Salvador, oral health care is mainly offered by regional or central hospitals in cities.  Preventive or restorative care is less emphasized. Recently 40 volunteer Canadian ...

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The new CDA Oasis app is now available for download!

  Canadian Dental Association Launches CDA Oasis App We are excited to announce that the new CDA Oasis app is now available for download from the Apple and Play app stores. Download it and get access to the latest Oasis Discussions posts. You can also send us your questions, photos, images of clinical cases and share those with your colleagues through the “Upload your Content” feature found in the app menu. We would love to receive your feedback and suggestions after trying the new CDA Oasis app.  Download the app and let us know what you think.             ...

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Video Presentation: How to upload your content to Oasis Discussions?

Here are a few easy steps will guide you to how you can upload your clinical question, clinical case, news item or any type of information to Oasis Discussions.  We hope you find this resource helpful and get a chance to use this cool feature. We value your feedback and act upon it to the best of our abilities.     

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New Feature: Oasis Podcasts

We are pleased to announce a new Oasis Discussions feature: Oasis Podcasts. Podcasts are digital audio files made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player. You will now be able to listen to our audio interviews, case conferences, and other audio files whenever and wherever you want. To access the list of podcasts: Go to the Oasis Podcast page. Click on the Podcast icon found in the right corner of posts that contain an audio file. To listen to an audio podcast, click on the preferred audio format icon (MP3, WAV, OGG). The file will ...

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The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network: The Newest Oasis Discussions Contributor

We are pleased to announce that the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network has joined Oasis Discussions as a contributor.  Canadian dentists are welcome to enroll in the network to receive information and communication regarding the network’s studies and study results.  Although primarily devoted to providing health care services, the network is a group of outpatient care practices that has affiliated as a group and with an academic health center to investigate research questions and to share experiences and expertise. The network constitutes an organization that transcends any single research project. The network is an effort to help dental professionals directly improve ...

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How to upload your content to Oasis Discussions

The Oasis Discussions team is excited to inform you that you can now upload your content to oasis Discussions. Follow the simple instructions below and you can easily share your content with us and see it featured on Oasis Discussions! Download the upload instructions in PDF  To upload your content Click the link at the top of the page or go to  http://www.oasisdiscussions.ca/upload-your-content/               Complete the form and click Choose File Select the file you would like to upload and click OK. Click Submit and your content will be uploaded to our site for possible inclusion. Notes ...

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