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Weaving not Spinning

Last week I bought two new books and I have been enjoying what I see in my initial skimming through them. One book is called “Engaged Journalism – Connecting with Digitally Empowered News Audiences”, and the second is called “Connecting to Change the World – Harnessing the Power of Networks for Social Impact.” From what I can see so far, the basic premise underpinning the first book is that today’s news outlet needs to transform from playing the role of lecturer to that of conversationalist if it wants to survive and thrive in the digital age. The second book is ...

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Quick Fact: What is the minimal acceptable platelet count for an oral surgical procedure?


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Oasis Dentist Resource: Dental Erosion: What is the etiology and diagnosis and how is it prevented?

This post is largely adapted from the PennWell’s Dental Group CE information pamphlet: Dental Erosion: Etiology, Diagnosis and Prevention Download the PowerPoint Presentation (PDF) Access the original pamphlet Dental erosion is a prevalent condition that occurs worldwide. It is the result of exposure of the enamel and dentin to nonbacterial acids of extrinsic and intrinsic origin, whereby mineral loss occurs from the surface of the tooth. The most frequently affected areas are the palatal surface of maxillary incisors and the occlusal surface of the mandibular first molars in adolescents.  Characteristic early signs of dental erosion include smooth and flat facets on facial or palatal surfaces, and shallow and ...

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How to upload your content to Oasis Discussions

The Oasis Discussions team is excited to inform you that you can now upload your content to oasis Discussions. Follow the simple instructions below and you can easily share your content with us and see it featured on Oasis Discussions! Download the upload instructions in PDF  To upload your content Click the link at the top of the page or go to  http://www.oasisdiscussions.ca/upload-your-content/               Complete the form and click Choose File Select the file you would like to upload and click OK. Click Submit and your content will be uploaded to our site for possible inclusion. Notes ...

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Your Opinion: how would you deal with this situation?

By Dr. Ian McConnachie

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