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  • Definitive diagnosis – “eosinophilic ulcer of the oral mucosa” (EUOM) – benign lesion
  • Also known as: Traumatic ulcerative granuloma with stromal eosinophilia [TUGSE], traumatic granuloma, ulcerated granuloma, eosinophilicum diutinum, eosinophilic granuloma of soft tissue
  • Etiology unclear although trauma plays a major role in the development of lesion
  • Bimodal age distribution:
    • 1st 2 years of life
    • 6th or 7th decades
  • Riga-Fede is variant of EUOM; it occurs in children <2 years caused by the rubbing of the tongue against newly erupted teeth
    • May be a sign of a neurologic disorder given its self-inflictive nature
    • Associated in children with:
      • Cerebral palsy
      • Riley-Day syndrome (familial dysautonomia)
      • Lesch-Nyhan syndrome
      • Congenital indifference to pain


  • Non-healing solitary ulcer ~1-2 cm in diameter
  • Indurated borders
  • Occur on any mucosal surface – predilection for tongue
  • Can be symptomatic
  • Regional lymph node involvement at times


  • Involvement of superficial mucosa and may extend into deeper muscle layers
  • Polymorphic inflammatory infiltrate with predominance of eosinophils

Differential Diagnosis

  • Traumatic, non-specific ulcer
  • Major aphthous ulcer
  • Mycobacterial infection
  • Viral infection
  • Deep fungal infection
  • Squamous cell carcinoma


  • Usually self-limiting
  • Eliminate potential sources of trauma
  • Palliative treatment with topical analgesics and/or topical or intra-lesional corticosteroids to improve healing
  • Excisional removal, cryotherapy and curettage have been reported as possible modes of treatment
  • If the lesion persists for >2 weeks, further evaluation and management is required

Patient Considerations

  • In the present case, the patient was prescribed high-potency topical corticosteroids but did not follow up subsequently; the status of the lesion is unknown. 
  • Insulin-dependent diabetics may be at increased risk of oral soft tissue lesions, specifically, fissured tongue, irritation fibromas and traumatic ulcers.
  • Protracted wound healing of the oral mucosa in diabetics has been attributed to factors such as: delayed vascularization, reduction in blood flow, decline in innate immunity, decreases in growth factor production and psychological stress.


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