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You’ll never walk alone, Doctor!

Have you ever had to take a break from practice due to illness and lost confidence in yourself as a competent clinician because of these circumstances? If so, would you be prepared to share your story and give advice, on a totally confidential basis, to a colleague who is now emerging from a dark tunnel, but feeling very nervous about getting back chairside? If the answer to both questions is “yes” I invite you to keep reading. A couple of weeks back I received an email message from a colleague who had read an editorial of mine, written in 2008, ...

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Can we chat for five minutes about a simple idea please?

One of our real dreams for Oasis Discussions is that it can provide a hub for Canadian dentists to share clinically-related ideas with colleagues, for the benefit of all. Naturally, we are always honored and delighted to work with recognized clinical leaders, however, I am convinced that a huge untapped reservoir of clinical wisdom resides in a multitude of Canadian dentists, who do not seek attention, or whose voices tend not to be heard beyond a small circle of professional colleagues and friends. Our team members at the CDA Oasis want to create an intimate campfire atmosphere where it becomes ...

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See you at the CARDP Annual Scientific Meeting in Halifax on September 8 to 10

Do you enjoy a dental conference where you can pick-up practical science-based information that you can put into practice immediately – all in the company of like-minded colleagues? If so, the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Canadian Association of Restorative Dentistry & Prosthodontics (CARDP) could be just the meeting for you. This year’s CARDP Scientific Meeting will take place in Halifax, Nova Scotia from September 8 to 10. All pertinent information about the Conference can be found under the “Scientific Meeting” tab at www.cardp.ca. According to the joint Program Chairs of the Meeting, Drs Kevin Walsh and Ken Rhodenizer: “Our ...

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Graduate Periodontology Program

September 1 is the application deadline for new Graduate Periodontology Program at the University of Alberta

Are you considering a career as a periodontist or as a researcher in the area of periodontology? If so, the new graduate periodontology program being offered at the University of Alberta might just be right for you. If you hope to begin graduate studies in 2017, you will have to get your application in before September 1, 2016. In this 3 minute video interview, the director of the new program and head of Periodontology, Dr. Liran Levin highlights some key information about the program.     September 1 will be the annual application deadline for the program which has two ...

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Do you believe in the future?

Last weekend, I attended and played a small role in the annual meeting of the Council of the Federation of Dental Student Associations (FCDSA). For two days, twenty really intelligent, creative and dedicated dental students from all ten dental schools in Canada came together in Ottawa to chart the course of their organization over the coming year. It is not an easy task to create and develop a national student organization, but the previous and current leaders of this federation, that is still only four years old, have made great advances in this short time. Having been a dental student organization ...

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JOK in action

Weaving not Spinning

Last week I bought two new books and I have been enjoying what I see in my initial skimming through them. One book is called “Engaged Journalism – Connecting with Digitally Empowered News Audiences”, and the second is called “Connecting to Change the World – Harnessing the Power of Networks for Social Impact.” From what I can see so far, the basic premise underpinning the first book is that today’s news outlet needs to transform from playing the role of lecturer to that of conversationalist if it wants to survive and thrive in the digital age. The second book is ...

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OSAP Symposium at end of May in Baltimore to feature top infection control leaders

As Chair of the Board, I am happy to welcome you to the 2015 Symposium of the Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP), with the theme “Gain the Edge on Infection Control” in just a couple of weeks. The annual OSAP Symposium is the premier infection control education and networking event in the dental sector. Nationally and internationally known authorities discuss current and emerging issues relating to infection prevention and safety in oral healthcare settings, and provide attendees with essential resources, valuable tools, and new approaches for better protecting patients and staff. Experts from leading research and educational facilities, ...

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Nepal dentist brings relief to earthquake victims and fears epidemic

Dr. Neil Pande, a general dentist who lives and practices in Kathmandu, Nepal speaks about the disaster that hit his country just five days ago. Like many other dentists in Nepal, he is working full time these days to provide emergency relief to the victims of the earthquake. His biggest fear at present is for an epidemic to strike victims left homeless and living in appalling conditions in emergency shelters. Dr. Pande promises to keep us updated as the needs of the people becomes clearer after initial assessment.         Watch the video interview with Dr. Neil Pande ...

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