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Featured Mark

Pharmacological Reversal Agents in Dental Practice: Keys to Patient Safety

I had the pleasure to host Dr. Mark Donaldson to speak about the important reversing drugs that are found in the dental emergency kit. Mark goes into detail addressing 6 reversal agents: Naloxone, Flumazenil, Epinephrine, Diphenhydramine, Phentolamine, and Atropine. Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager Highlights Though uncommon, medical emergencies in the dental office are harrowing occurrences that can be the result of adverse drug reactions. Pharmacological antagonists have been developed for administration as reversal agents in emergency situations in which patients may have an untoward effect, typically caused by too much medication. Dental practitioners should be familiar with these agents to ...

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Practical How To: 3M Fluoride Varnish

Dentistry encompasses various elements of dental and oral health. Oral healthcare professionals place a special emphasis on caries prevention as there are various protocols, diagnostic tools and medicaments that can be effective in preventing or arresting the decay process. At the same time, the abundance of information can also be overwhelming for patients and may contribute to confusion about the effectiveness or necessity of preventive care. This potential for confusion is highlighted in Jo-Anne Jones’ video discussion with her neighbour about the merits of fluoride treatment especially when delivered in the form of a varnish. In the following video, a panel of ...

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Featured Survey

Oasis Survey on Complete Dentures

In collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and Lifelong Learning (L3) at the University of Alberta, Dr. Cheryl Cable, Prosthodontist and Associate Professor in the School of Dentistry, presents a survey on complete dentures. She is the Principal Investigator in a study that aims to compare real clinical dentistry done by successful private practice dentists to what is taught in academic institutions. The goal is to make the teaching environments reflective of successful practice techniques. Let’s set up our new graduates for success!  We at CDA Oasis are happy to collaborate with Dr. Cable and the University of Alberta ...

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Ruth Featured

A Canadian Oral Health Professional Celebrating WOHD in Pakistan!

I had the great pleasure to speak with Ms. Ruth French, Professor in the Dental Hygiene and Assisting programs at Niagara College in Welland ON. She is currently in Pakistan teaching the second cohort of the Dental Hygiene program at the AGA Khan University and with her students, they celebrated World Oral Health Day with an oral health community outing in Karachi.  Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager World Oral Health Day is celebrated globally every year on 20 March and is organized by FDI World Dental Federation. World Oral Health Day was launched in 2013 to raise awareness of the importance ...

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Featured Purchasing 2

CE Showcase ASM 2017: Purchasing a Practice

Dr. Bernie Dolansky, David Chong Yen, Bill Henderson, and David Rosenthal joined Dr. Suham Alexander to speak about their participation at ASM 2017 in Toronto.  This is a session for dentists  who are contemplating setting out on their own and purchasing a dental practice. Using a practical case-study approach, the four experts will guide dentists through the process of purchasing a practice and show them how to avoid common pitfalls. Learning Objectives Identify the key legal and financial considerations when purchasing a practice and recognize the tax advantages of incorporating a dental practice Analyze the key parameters when assessing the value of a ...

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Featured WOHD

FDI World Oral Health Day 2017

I had the pleasure to host Dr. Jack Cottrell, Canadian dentist and Treasurer at the World Dental Federation FDI. We spoke about the importance of World Oral Health Day, coming up on March 20th, 2017. Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager Highlights   Oral health is multi-faceted and includes the ability to speak, smile, smell, taste, touch, chew, swallow and convey a range of emotions through facial expressions with confidence and without pain, discomfort and disease of the craniofacial complex. This year World Oral Health Day is tagged Live Mouth Smart: Good oral hygiene habits, avoiding risk factors and having a regular ...

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Featured tim

Ownership vs. Tenantship of a Dental Practice

In this video, Tim Brown returns to speak with Dr. Suham Alexander about the advantages of owning the practice premises versus being owned by the landlord of the premises. Overall, owning the building is a much more palatable option for the following reasons: No lease or landlord issues to deal with Lease clauses can be difficult to navigate – relocation, demolition, renegotiations etc. Attractiveness of the practice increases when the real estate is part of the deal In short, when considering buying or relocating a practice, making an investment in real estate, even in today’s market, is very worthwhile. It ...

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Featured Lecture 1

School of Dentistry’s Centennial Lectures: All you need to know about your dental visit

I had the pleasure to meet four distinguished faculty members from the School of Dentistry at the University of Alberta: Dr. Liran Levin, Dr. Reena Talwar, Dr. Donald Yu, and Dr. Ysidora Torrealba. They joined me to speak about the first lecture in a series they are offering as part of the school’s centennial celebration. The lecture is open to the public, so if you happen to be close by, check it out! Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager Centennial Lecture Series      

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