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Ready, Set, Launched: CDA Secure Send Mobile App

CDA Secure Send is the Canadian Dental Association’s (CDA) simple-to-use electronic document sharing system for dentists in Canada. Launched this week, the CDA Secure Send mobile app will make it even easier for dentists to exchange patient documents in a safe and convenient way that meets all legal obligations with respect to confidentiality of patient data.

In this video, Dr. Richard Holden, CDA Past President (2021-22), introduces this new and exciting development and highlights the benefits of being able to communicate securely with dentists, colleagues, and dental labs in a more efficient and accessible way.

With the CDA Secure Send mobile app, you can access CDA Secure Send messages, send and receive referrals and patient data securely (including X-rays) with only a few taps on your device. The mobile app employs the same reliable and easy-to-use system that the desktop version of CDA Secure Send is known for.

“To me it is a game changer having it on our mobile phones.”

Dr. Richard Holden  

The Secure Send Mobile App is now available as a free download from the iOS and Android app stores. The French version is being developed and CDA will announce as soon as it is available for download.

Find out more about the Secure Send Mobile App at the CDA website.

*This video was recorded in early 2022 when Dr. Richard Holden was President of the Canadian Dental Association for 2021-22 

Watch the Conversation (4'16")