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The Smiles4Canada initiative of the Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Orthodontics

Dr. Eric Selnes, President of the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, spoke on the CDA Oasis Good News Show recently about the Smiles4Canada initiative run by the Association’s foundation.

You can watch this 11-minute conversation at https://vimeo.com/555792067.

The Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Orthodontics introduced the Smiles4Canada initiative in 2017. The program provides orthodontic care, free of charge, for patients deemed to be “in need’ (as determined by a screening and vetting process). Since the inception of the program, approximately 500 patients have been treated free of charge by over 260 volunteer orthodontists.

Patients apply through the smiles4canada.ca website, and volunteer orthodontists assess the applications. Practitioners are invited to learn more about this program, which has been well received by patients, and encourage patients in need to consider applying. To learn more about application criteria, please click here.


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