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Improve your restorative skills with CARDP

Dr. Ron Zokol, who is President of the Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics (CARDP) came on the CDA Oasis Good News Show recently to talk about the Academy. We touched on the goals of the organization, how welcoming it is for colleagues at all stages of the career, & how continuing education, mentorship and networking are central to CARDP’s mission.

You can watch this 9-minute conversation at: https://vimeo.com/546584317.

We also learned about this year’s planned Annual Scientific Meeting, which will take place from September 30 to October 2. The theme for the meeting is: ‘Digital dentistry, where are we today?’

This will be an ‘in-person’ meeting, held in Vancouver. Interestingly, there is an option to attend virtually through the learning portal of the Washington AGD at https://washingtonagd.org/event/cardp-2021-annual-scientific-meeting-virtual-conference/ .

A blurb on that site captures nicely the learning goals of CARDP members and the importance of the Annual Meeting for the achievement of those goals:

Non-Members, General Dentists, Specialists etc. All Welcome to Attend!

 Dentists who belong to CARDP are motivated by a desire to improve their restorative skills and increase their knowledge base for Rehabilitative Dentistry. The Annual Scientific Meetings provide a venue for a collaborative exchange of ideas and opinions and fulfills the basic tenant of professionalism which is the uninhibited sharing of knowledge. Join us to experience an amazing line up of speakers from United States and Canada.”

Dr. Zokol invites you to mark these dates on your calendar and to consider attending in person or virtually. All the information you need about the scientific meeting (speakers and their topics) and the social program can be found at www.cardp.ca.

The welcome message from the Scientific Program Co-Chairs is at https://cardp.ca/welcome-from-our-scientific-program-co-chairs/  and the scientific program ‘at a glance’ is at https://cardp.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021-ASM-MASTER-1.pdf

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