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Dr. Kevin Walsh: scaling new heights

In this conversation/presentation on the CDA Oasis Good News Show, Nova Scotia dentist Dr. Kevin Walsh talks us through the breathtaking experience of climbing Mount Everest. Kevin took many photos on his trip, and he shares the sights he encountered on this journey through a selection of these images.

Besides the experience of being ‘on top of the world,’ he describes his preparation over a two-year period, the process of getting from base camp to the summit – and back down again. I reckon you will feel like you have climbed the mountain yourself, after listening to Kevin speak and seeing his images.

You can see Kevin’s photos and listen to his description of the experience during the conversation/presentation at: https://vimeo.com/559163403.

Kevin’s Facebook page has many more details of this journey of a lifetime: https://www.facebook.com/Everest-training-104622314830471.

Here is a link to the CBC story where we learned about Kevin’s achievement: https://tinyurl.com/392n8j9f.

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  1. Juergen Weigelt June 16, 2021

    We have been following you the entire time. We told everyone that you going to be the second Nova Scotian on Mount Everest.
    We hope to see you at ONTREE Fun & Adventure Park again.


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