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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2021/04/14

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Wednesday. cbc.ca, Apr 14: Ontario logs 4,156 new COVID-19 cases, record day for vaccines. How a Quebec City gym outbreak became one of Canada's largest COVID-19 superspreading events. Why the U.S. recommended pausing Johnson & Johnson's vaccine, and what it means for Canada. Canada confirms 1st case of rare blood clot after AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. With Atlantic bubble delayed, P.E.I. tourism industry urges pairing with N.S. Ontario is adding hundreds of ICU beds. But does it have the resources to support them? Read more

Blood clots may be linked to AstraZeneca vaccine but still very rare: Health Canada. ctvnews.ca, Apr 14: Health Canada says a new and extremely rare blood clotting syndrome may be linked to Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine but the benefits of the vaccine still far outweigh the risks. Read more

Canada hits vaccination milestone: 20% have received at least 1 COVID-19 shot. globalnews.ca, Apr 13: One-fifth of the Canadian population has now received at least one dose of a vaccine to protect against the deadly COVID-19 disease. The country hit the milestone on Tuesday, having now administered a first dose to 7,689,563 people in Canada, or just over 20 per cent of the population, according to COVID Tracker Canada. Read more

Pre-registering all Ontarians right away for COVID-19 vaccine could help with supply problems, hesitancy, councillor and health experts say. The Toronto Star, Apr 14: Allowing everybody in Ontario to pre-register for COVID-19 vaccination now could help the province with its supply issues as well as overcome any vaccine hesitancy, says a Toronto councillor and health experts in an open letter to the premier. Read more or See attached

One in 10 Canadians are hesitant to get the vaccine: CAMH survey. The Toronto Star, Apr 13: Around one in 10 Canadians said they don’t plan on getting the COVID-19 vaccine, according to a new survey by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, raising questions about how health-care providers could best communicate the importance of getting the jab to skeptical patients. Read more

Most Canadians plan to get COVID-19 vaccine, but safety fears drive hesitancy. toronto.citynews.ca, Apr 13: At least eight in 10 people surveyed said they absolutely intend to roll up their sleeve for a vaccine. One-quarter who won't or aren't sure if they'll be vaccinated cited a conspiracy theory about microchips in the vaccine. 86 per cent said side effects are dangerous, while 85 per cent said the vaccines weren't tested properly for safety. Read more

Why some Canadians believe delaying their COVID-19 vaccination is the ethical choice. ctvnews.ca, Apr 12:  With vaccine supply increasing and provinces getting more shots in arms, some Canadians are wondering if it’s ethical to take the shot if they’re not among the most vulnerable to COVID-19. Read more

Lockdown fatigue is giving way to protests and defiance across the country. nationalpost.com, Apr 12: We often hear it's a race against the variants, but I think it's also a race against complacency and rage.' Read more

Ontario's hard-hit ICUs aren't just running out of beds, but also doctors and nurses. ctvnews.ca, Apr 12: As the third wave overtakes the province, with no sign of slowing down, Ontario’s hospitals are turning into war zones — and those working in the ICUs are warning that we’re not just running out of beds, but also of the people capable of treating the patients in them. Read more

Canada expecting 1.8M vaccine doses this week with Pfizer delivery, delayed Moderna arrival. ctvnews.ca, Apr 12: The federal government is expecting Moderna to make good this week on a previously promised batch of 855,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses that were expected last week. Those delayed doses, along with a little more than one million shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, make up the extent of Canada's expected vaccine deliveries this week. Read more

Majority of Canadians not using COVID Alert app, study finds. ctvnews.ca, Apr 10: Research from York University suggests that the app may be having little impact on slowing the spread of COVID-19 because of how few Canadians are actually using it in proportion to the country’s overall population. Read more

Canadian researchers want to shift away from health risk and age-based vaccine rollout. ctvnews.ca, Apr 10: Canadian researchers are calling for a more nuanced approach to vaccinating the population, shifting away from a focus on age and health risks and towards a more equitable rollout. The researchers looked at data from 61,000 Canadians to determine how many are considered at-risk for COVID-19 based on health conditions. They found that 75 per cent had at least one condition that heightened the risk for severe illness from COVID-19. The study was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal on Friday. Read more

Coronavirus variants are testing the limits of what we once thought was safe in Canada. cbc.ca, Apr 10 [Second Opinion]: Explosion of variant cases elevates risk of COVID-19 exposure in everyday situations, experts say. Read more

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine coming to 700 more pharmacies across Ontario. cp24.com, Apr 11: The Ontario government says it’s expanding its COVID-19 vaccine pharmacy program to 700 more locations across the province. The additional locations will continue offering the AstraZeneca vaccine to people aged 55 and older across the province. The province now has more than 1,400 pharmacy locations offering the vaccine, and that number is expected to reach approximately 1,500 by the end of April. Read more

Covid-19 live updates. washingtonpost.com, Apr 14: World struggles to maintain vaccination drives amid mounting reports of side effects. About 7 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine have been administered, and there have been only six reports of blood clots, a rate of about 1 in 1.1 million vaccinations. Pfizer has ramped up its vaccine production and will deliver 10 percent more doses to the United States by the end of May than previously agreed. Read more

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine efficacy falls slightly to 90 per cent in U.S. trial. ctvnews.ca, Apr 13: U.S. biotech company Moderna announced its COVID-19 vaccine is 90 per cent effective against all forms of the disease and 95 per cent effective against severe disease. … A company press release did not indicate why efficacy has fallen, but one reason might be the emergence of new variants of concern which are not as susceptible to antibodies evoked to the vaccine. Read more

Physical inactivity associated with higher risk for severe COVID-19 outcomes: study. ctvnews.ca, Apr 13: …The study said it is “reasonable to expect” regular physical activity may mitigate poor COVID-19 outcomes, citing improved immune function, reduction of systemic inflammation, benefits to cardiovascular health and mental health – but that lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have restricted access to venues where people can be active. Read more

India, big vaccine exporter, now seeks imports as COVID-19 cases soar. financialpost.com, Apr 13: India on Tuesday said it will fast-track emergency approvals for COVID-19 vaccines authorized by Western countries and Japan, paving the way for possible imports of Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna shots. The move, which will exempt companies from carrying out local safety trials for their vaccines, follows the world’s biggest surge in cases in the country this month. Read more

CDC and FDA recommend US pause use of Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine over blood clot concerns. cnn.com, Apr 13: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Food and Drug Administration are recommending that the United States pause the use of Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine over six reported US cases of a "rare and severe" type of blood clot. Read more

Tweaked COVID-19 vaccines in testing aim to fend off variants. ctvnews.ca, Apr 12: Dozens of Americans are rolling up their sleeves for a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine -- this time, shots tweaked to guard against a worrisome mutated version of the virus. Make no mistake: The vaccines currently being rolled out across the U.S. offer strong protection. But new studies of experimental updates to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines mark a critical first step toward an alternative if the virus eventually outsmarts today's shots. Read more

Facebook to push vaccine eligibility notifications outside of the U.S. axios.com, Apr 12: Facebook plans to begin delivering notifications to users in their News Feed about vaccine eligibility in 20 countries starting this week, the company said Monday. It's part of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's pledge to help bring 50 million people closer to getting COVID-19 vaccines. Facebook has been scrutinized for misinformation on its platform that may deter people from wanting to get vaccinated. Read more

Previous COVID-19 may cut risk of reinfection 84%. cidrap.umn.edu, Apr 12: People who had COVID-19 had an 84% lower risk of becoming reinfected and a 93% lower risk of symptomatic infection during 7 months of follow-up, according to findings from a large, multicenter study published late last week in The Lancet. Read more

B.1.1.7 variant not linked to more serious infections: study. ctvnews.ca, Apr 12: The B.1.1.7 variant of the novel coronavirus does not increase the severity of COVID-19 compared to other strains, according to research published Tuesday that also confirmed its increased transmissibility. Read more

Coronavirus pandemic 'a long way from over', WHO's Tedros says. financialpost.com, Apr 12: Confusion and complacency in addressing COVID-19 means the pandemic is a long way from over, but it can be brought under control in months with proven public health measures, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Monday. Read more

Chinese COVID-19 vaccines don’t have ‘high protection rate’: official. globalnews.ca, Apr 11: In a rare admission of the weakness of Chinese COVID-19 vaccines, the country’s top disease control official says their effectiveness is low and the government is considering mixing them to get a boost. Chinese vaccines “don’t have very high protection rates,” said the director of the China Centers for Disease Control, Gao Fu, at a conference Saturday. Read more

Pfizer asks FDA to expand COVID vaccine authorization to adolescents. axios.com, Apr 9: Pfizer and BioNTech asked the Food and Drug Administration Friday to expand the emergency use authorization of its COVID vaccine to cover adolescents ages 12–15. The authorization would broaden vaccination efforts and speed up the country's race to herd immunity, a goal that will ultimately require teenagers and children to be vaccinated as well. Read more

Military programs aiming to end pandemics forever. cbsnews.com, Apr 11: It might surprise you to learn that many of the innovations deployed to counter the coronavirus were once obscure Pentagon-funded projects to defend soldiers from contagious diseases and biological weapons. Read more


Student reps at University of Alberta raise concerns over 'absolutely outrageous' proposed tuition hikes. edmontonjournal.com, Apr 14: ...The increases would affect 12 undergraduate and graduate programs and [including dentistry] range from 17 per cent to 104 per cent for students beginning their programs in the fall of 2022. Read more

Canadian companies form association to establish national standards for medical mask manufacturing. canadianmanufacturing.com, Apr 13: The Canadian Association of Medical Mask Manufacturers (CAMMM) will provide key insights and subject matter expertise to support the establishment of medical mask manufacturing standards in Canada. Read more

Vaping should not be used to help youth quit smoking, Canadian Paediatric Society warns. ctvnews.ca, Apr 14: The Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) recommended on Wednesday that vaping “should not be used as a smoking cessation or harm reduction strategy” in youth, saying that doctors should instead “assess their patient’s motivation to reduce or quit vaping” and come up with a plan to do so. Read more

First of its kind dental clinic targeting low-income families, individuals opens in London, Ont. cbc.ca, Apr 13: 3 years in the making, the Wright Clinic finally opens its doors to patients this week. ... Ken Wright, founder of the Dental Outreach Community Service (DOCS) Program at Western University's Schulich School of Medicine, said he is "so proud" of what the clinic has accomplished and hopes this will set an example for other communities across Canada. Read more and listen 5:47 (Interview with Dr. Ken Wright)

Cochrane dentist offers tips to maintain healthy teeth. cochranetoday.ca, Apr 13: One of the most important and often underrated aspects of health care is proper oral hygiene. The most common causes that bring patients of all ages to the dentist’s office are inflamed gums, sensitive teeth and cavities, said Dr. Adeel Tahir of Absolute Dental Care. The root of all these issues is often the result of poor oral care, especially with youth. Read more

CSIS says 2020 was a banner year for espionage operations targeting Canada. cbc.ca, Apr 12: Annual report says last year saw the highest level of spying since the end of the Cold War. … The report follows a year of warnings from CSIS and other security agencies about national security vulnerabilities in Canada's biopharmaceutical and life sciences sectors. Those sectors were exposed to outside interference as large numbers of Canadians transitioned to working from home — and as research involving vaccine, therapeutics and other measures to combat COVID-19 became far more valuable. Read more

À s’en arracher les dents. lesoleil.com, 12 avril : ... Vous savez ce dont M. Émond aurait besoin de toute urgence? D’une chirurgie pour lui extraire ses dents massacrées par les effets secondaires de la médication. ... M. Émond, qui touche de maigres pensions d’invalidité, n’a pas les moyens de payer l’opération. ... Malheureusement, M. Émond tombe dans les craques du système, estime le Dr Nabil Ouatik, dentiste en pratique privée et chef du service de médecine dentaire du CISSSO. Lire plus

How can crooked teeth impact your health. ottawalifemagazine.com, Apr 12: ...We spoke to Vancouver orthodontist Dr. Loo who explained that crooked teeth are a typical problem encountered by numerous children, teens, and adults. Still, it may have more serious repercussions than people think because your oral health has been proven to affect your overall health. Read more

Some blood pressure medication linked to higher risk of skin cancer, study finds. ctvnews.ca, Apr 12: A Canadian study has found that certain blood-pressure medications are linked to a higher risk of skin cancer in seniors. … Researchers found that those prescribed thiazide diuretics were associated with higher risks of melanoma and keratinocyte carcinoma, or non-melanoma skin cancer. Read more

Torontonians could be drinking alcohol in public parks this summer, city councillor to present motion. 680news.com, Apr 12: Councillor Josh Matlow will present a motion at this month’s infrastructure and environment committee meeting calling on the city to launch a pilot project to allow for the consumption of alcohol in public parks and beaches with washroom facilities. …Matlow says heading into the second summer of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is up to the city to create environments where social connections with friends and family can be made in the safest way possible way. Read more

Une mauvaise santé buccodentaire peut nuire à la santé générale. ici.radio-canada.ca, 10 avril  : Saviez-vous que votre santé orale et dentaire offre des indices sur votre état de santé général? Le mois d'avril est le mois national de la santé buccodentaire. Jusqu'au 10 avril, c'est la Semaine nationale des hygiénistes dentaires. La santé buccodentaire pour une santé totale nous rappelle que prendre soin de notre bouche, de nos dents, et de nos gencives a un impact positif sur d'autres aspects de notre santé. On parle avec notre collaboratrice, Dre Céline Martin, chercheuse et chargée de cours en kinésiologie et études de santé à l'Université de Regina. Écouter 28 min

Liberal delegates endorse a universal basic income, reject capital gain tax hike. cbc.ca, Apr 10: Delegates to virtual policy convention also back national pharmacare and a 'green new deal'. Read more

Why some women are pushing back against alcohol and the wine-to-unwind culture. cbc.ca, Apr 10: Guidelines on alcohol consumption should be revised to reflect the health risks, doctor says. … Drinking among women has increased steadily in recent years. In 2018, the Report on the State of Public Health from Canada's chief public health officer identified alcohol use in women as one of the most pressing concerns of our time. Read more

BDA Northern Ireland labels dental amalgam phase-out “unworkable”. eu.dental-tribune.com, Apr 14: …The Northern Ireland branch of the British Dental Association (BDA) has released a statement requesting that the European Commission (EC) reconsider its plans for a complete amalgam phase-out by 2030, arguing that it might end up “exacerbating health inequalities” and “destabilising health systems already under considerable strain”. Read more

Guest opinion: Dental therapists can increase access to dental care. news-press.com, Apr 13: Floridians are currently facing a serious healthcare access crisis. … Despite the importance of dental health, one in four Floridians doesn’t have access to a provider. Fortunately, Florida lawmakers with their eyes on solving problems have a valuable policy reform available to them — enable dental therapy. Read more

Denplan publishes white paper on the future of dentistry. the-probe.co.uk, Apr 14: Denplan, part of Simplyhealth, the UK’s leading dental plan specialist, has today published a white paper on the future of dentistry. … the white paper explores the five key areas of challenges and opportunities facing the private dental sector (including mixed, NHS and private practices) over the coming 12 months and beyond. Read more

Microsoft’s Nuance gambit shows health care is next tech battleground. thestar.com, Apr 13: Microsoft Corp.’s $16-billion (all figures U.S.) deal for Nuance Communications Inc. is the latest sign that the next battleground for technology giants will be in health care, an industry whose need to embrace data and software was underscored by the pandemic. The acquisition will help Microsoft tap into Nuance’s big business selling its software to health care systems, according to analysts and health care executives. Speech-recognition software like that developed by Nuance is emerging as an important new opportunity in medicine as doctors seek to speed up documentation of patient work with dictation rather than getting bogged down taking notes, executives said. Read more

"People don’t have the money, they’re suffering" Cancer patient needs teeth repaired to better fight disease, but can’t afford dental care. wmar2news.com, Apr 13: Brian Waugh hasn’t seen a dentist in six years. His insurance doesn’t cover dental care and he can’t afford a huge bill, but he needs treatment now more than ever. ... WMAR-2 News connected Waugh with the Maryland Foundation of Dentistry. ... The Foundation’s mission is to connect people who can’t afford dental care with dentists who provide treatment at no charge. Read more

Dental Specialist sheds light on the negative influence of social media on oral health. wfmz.com, Apr 13: Recently, there have been trending dental hacks videos on the social media platform TikTok, which have created mayhem in the dental community. These videos are spreading false information, which can have severe consequences on an individual's oral health. Read more

Brushing your teeth could help to prevent dementia: Harmful bacteria in your gums can increase the risk of developing the neurodegenerative condition, study finds. dailymail.co.uk, Apr 12: Scientists compared gum bacteria with hallmark proteins in dementia patients. Found people with poor oral health have higher levels of amyloid beta. Protein forms plaques in the brain and leads to dementia and cognitive decline. Academics are now setting up a clinical trial to see if deep cleaning of teeth can help stave off dementia. Read more

Imbalance in gum bacteria linked to Alzheimer's disease biomarker. eurekalert.org, Apr 12: Older adults with more harmful than healthy bacteria in their gums are more likely to have evidence for amyloid beta--a key biomarker for Alzheimer's disease--in their cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), according to new research from NYU College of Dentistry and Weill Cornell Medicine. However, this imbalance in oral bacteria was not associated with another Alzheimer's biomarker called tau. Read more

Spokane mayor, council president may strike deal on fluoride study. spokesman.com, Apr 11: After months of stalemate, the city is nearly ready to commission a study of fluoridating its water supply. Spokane leaders have renegotiated the terms of the grant used to fund the analysis in order to assuage the concerns of Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward. Read more

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