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Managing an Asthma Emergency In the Dental Office

Dr. PJ Murphy
UBC Faculty of Dentistry

Over 300 million people suffer from asthma worldwide, including 10% of all children in North America. Since the 1970s, the prevalence of asthma in the community has doubled.

In this episode of CDA Oasis Live, Dr. John O’Keefe invites Dr. PJ Murphy, Clinical Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry UBC, to discuss the management of asthma patients in the dental office. Dr. Murphy walks through the early warning signs of an asthma attack, details best practice measures for managing asthma patients in the dental office and shares actionable tips on how to prevent an attack.

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Full Conversation (12.07")


  1. Dr. Michael Saso April 7, 2021

    On page 2 of the handout, there is a mistake in mentioning that ephedrine can be used to treat a resistant asthmatic attack. The correct drug is epinephrine. This should be corrected in the document ASAP. This was an otherwise excellent review of the topic.

  2. Vasant Ramlaggan April 8, 2021

    Thanks for the great work sheets!


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