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Endo Analgesia for Root Canal Treatment

Dr. Rodrigo Cunha
Endodontist, Winnipeg MA

Root canal treatment does not have to be the pain that it once was, especially given the modern pharmacological therapies that are now available. But what exactly is the best analgesic protocol for managing a root canal?

In this episode of CDA Oasis Live, Dr. Rodrigo Cunha, endodontist from Winnipeg MA, outlines his approach to analgesia when performing a root canal treatment. Dr. Cunha shares his preferred protocols for both pre and post-op management, explains why he prefers to avoid codeine, and outlines what to do in the case of prolonged post-operative discomfort.

“The worst post-op period is the first 12-24 hours. If you can control that first 12 hours, the patient will have a much better experience.”

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Full Conversation (9.16")

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