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Dental Assistants’ Recognition Week

MARCH 7-13, 2021 is Dental Assistants’ Recognition Week!
“Dental Assistants – Our Heart Goes Into Every Smile” is the North American theme for the 44th annual Dental Assistants Recognition Week.

During this week of recognition, The Canadian Dental Assistants Association acknowledges the dental assistant as the versatile, multi-talented and essential member of your dental team. It is a tribute to the commitment and dedication Dental Assistants exhibit throughout the year.

Dental Assistants improve patient care and enhance patient safety and satisfaction in dental offices around the world. Dental assistants are committed professionals that provide quality dental care as an integral team member in every dental practice.

Take a moment to recognize the talent of your dental assistant(s).

Until next time!
CDA Oasis Team

Download the Poster (PDF)

Download the Poster (PDF)

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  1. Dr. Paul Belzycki March 9, 2021

    I greatly appreciate my dental assistant of 20 years. I tell her I “greatly appreciate her support” every day. We perform our clinical services as one. No need to say a word as we anticipate each other’s moves by now. It is truly a dance. One leads and one follows without verbal discourse. She smiles gladly when patients arrive and ask: “Is Baby Joy here today?”

    Dearest Joy, thank you and I ”greatly appreciate” your continued support.


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